Saturday, June 21, 2014

The CORTIÇA mug. A coffee mug for coffee connoisseurs.

I love projects than create simple products that also take into account its environmental impact. The Cortiça mug is a great example of simplicity and ingenuity, using cork and porcelain. Even with the simplest of materials you get a elegantly designed coffee mug with a insulating cork outer cover which doubles as a great coaster and shock absorber if dropped.  

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The CORTIÇA mug is a porcelain travel mug wrapped and insulated with cork. It's 12 oz in size, sustainable, and eco friendly.

My name is Robert, and I’ve been searching for the perfect travel mug for the last 15 years. The only travel mugs I could ever find in coffee shops were plastic or metal. I’ve always found that both metal and plastic mugs affect the taste of my coffee—which doesn’t fly. Also, considering the health risks associated with plastics and hot liquids, there was no way I was going to drink coffee out of a plastic container every day. I wanted to drink out of porcelain like I do at home. But, as my wife can attest, the porcelain mugs I took from home did not survive my truck, my shop, or my lifestyle. For years, I couldn’t find the perfect porcelain mug that could endure being taken on the go, so finally I decided to build it.
I’ve been building houses, furniture, and longboards for years. Recently, I started building my own fly rods and working with cork.  I realized that cork was the perfect material to insulate and protect a porcelain mug. Cork is a great product because it insulates to keep the coffee or tea hot, serves as a built-in coaster so you never have to worry about harming your furniture, and is impact resistant.
Also, cork and porcelain are two very natural products: bark and clay. Should your mug ever need to be thrown out, it will decompose and turn into fill, unlike metal or plastic that stay in the waste stream.
After many designs and prototypes, I’ve finally made the coffee mug that I wanted all these years.
In order to retain durability and accommodate years of usage, a BPA-free plastic provided the best solution for the lid material.  The lid will be inset so there will be no leakage, nor will it touch your mouth, making the contact time between plastic and the coffee or tea as minimal as possible.
PROTOTYPE (Patent Pending):
Location: Red Caboose Frozen Yogurt + Coffee


WHY $35,000?
We've been working with a high-quality manufacturer, and in order to keep cost low, we have to put in a minimum order of $35,000.  Our goal from the beginning was to create a quality product at a great price, and promising the manufacturer this minimum order allows us to do that.

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