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MOS Reach - Power Everywhere

Mos Reach is a simple and elegant designed power plug! The Mos Reach is something we can all use, I myself have some power outlets that are hidden behind furniture and I have little to no access to them. With two successful projects( Mos -Magnetic Organization System, and Mos Spring) behind them, the team have been working on this for a while, and now are ready to bring it to market. This is a included their magnetic organization into the Mos Reach on both sides, and as a bonus each Reach will include two Mos magnetic cord ties. There are many similar products out in the market and on kickstarter, however the elegant design and simple ease of use make it perfect if you only need two usb outlets and a single three prong outlet. If you need something a bit bigger with more outlets take a look at PowerQube mini

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Beautiful design and high-end components come together for the most elegant and flexible power solution in existence.
The MOS brand is all about creating elegant solutions to everyday problems. You’ve probably seen us here on Kickstarter—we brought you MOS, the Magnetic Organization System keeping cables within easy reach since 2012. We also brought you the pint-sized MOS Menos and the indomitable MOS Spring cable to help you reduce cable clutter and tidy up your life.
We’re excited to bring you the next labor of love in the MOS family...

What is Reach?

Basically, I live in a small room and I don’t have a single power outlet that isn’t hidden behind furniture. I have a lot of devices that require charging including my laptop, phone, Bluetooth speaker, power bank, and camera batteries. In the case of my laptop charger and camera batteries (things I need to take with me every day) I have to crawl under my desk or slide behind my nightstand to retrieve them.
My daily routine of plugging and unplugging helped me realize that the traditional wall outlet model was due for a redesign. While there are plenty of USB wall adapters on the market, none of them address the problem of power outlets being obstructed by furniture. First and foremost the power simply needed to be relocated to allow for easier access.

This allowed for power to reach ABOVE nightstands and desks and entertainment centers, the things that were causing me so much trouble, but the redesign didn’t stop there. I wanted to create a flexible power solution with multiple mounting options that could twist and bend and contort around any kind of furniture or obstruction and mount horizontally and vertically to get power EVERYWHERE.

Of course this would all be pointless if we didn’t give Reach the capacity to charge and power every kind of modern device: two USB ports with enough capacity to charge an iPad, as well as a three-prong power outlet for laptop and other tablet chargers.

I wanted to create a power solution with tastefully understated aesthetics so Reach could blend into its surroundings: an inconspicuous rectangle in both black and white to elegantly fit into any decor.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a true MOS product without magnets. By adding two super-powered neodymium magnets into the sides of the MOS Reach we could achieve the same organizational benefits of the MOS which keeps cables tidy, accessible, up off the ground, and ready for use.

 Each Reach comes with a pair of MOS cable ties so you can keep all your cables tidy, including the ones that are light on metal.

With this set of features in mind, we worked diligently to produce the product we had envisioned. There were bumps in the road that required a lot of attention. We had to do a lot of wrestling with our design in order to fit two 3.1 amp USB outlets, a three-prong 110 volt outlet, and magnets large and powerful enough to do the job. Persistence paid off in the end though, and our Reach prototype is as svelte as we could have hoped for while retaining all the functionality we initially imagined.

The cable also posed a challenge because we knew that we needed something much more flexible and attractive than the typical PVC commonly used. We vetted cable samples until we found a soft-touch TPE jacket that met our criteria. It definitely feels nicer than the more common options, but it also has some safety benefits which will help us secure UL certification for the Reach. This process is expensive, but it’s a corner we’re not willing to cut.

Because we like to obsess over materials, we went through a similar selection process to pick the ABS/Polycarbonate combination for the head—it’s a polymer most commonly used in the automobile industry, but we think it’s perfect for the Reach.

Once we had the materials all locked down, we terminated the cable with a compact 90-degree plug which gives the Reach a lot of leeway even in tight quarters. A lot of these choices were difficult to make, but it was worth the trouble to see our initial vision come to life.


  • Reach gives you easy access to power outlets that are otherwise obstructed by furniture—no more crawling under desks or shimmying behind dressers to charge your devices.
  • Reach has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and its compact size ensures that it’s never in the way whether you use it on your desk, your nightstand, or your wall.
  • Reach consolidates your power outlets and USB wall adapters into an attractive moveable all-in-one power solution.
  • Reach helps you cut down on cable clutter by making clever use of Neodymium magnets in conjunction with MOS cable ties to keep out-of-use cables out of the way until you need them.
  • Reach works well even in tight quarters thanks to its slim 90 degree angle power plug.
  • Reach is composed of premium materials so it looks and feels great.

  • Reach gives you a choice of two mounting options: AirStick microsuction tape lets you give your MOS Reach a semi-permanent home on any flat surface. Foam adhesive tape works great if you want to give your Reach a more permanent station horizontally or vertically. The Airstick™ microsuction tape can be cleaned with a damp cloth if it ever loses sticking power to bring it back to full strength.


  • Office Desk
  • Home Desk
  • Nightstand for overnight device charging.
  • Bedpost/frame for convenient phone/tablet/laptop use.
  • Couch foot/frame or coffee table for convenient phone/tablet/laptop use or for game controller charging while playing.
  • Workbench/hackerspace for convenient power tool switching.
  • Craft/sewing bench
  • Entertainment center (Xbox One/PS4 controller charging station)

  • Reach is great for travel since it can convert any single outlet at your hotel or airport into a mobile charging station. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


  • USB 5V 3.1A total charging power (2 ports)
  • 1x 125V/15A power port
  • 175 Joule Surge protection
  • Standard NEMA-5 compatible plug and receptacle for North American outlets
  • Head composed of a premium ABS/Polycarbonate compound
  • 3-foot power cable with soft-touch TPE sheath
  • Comes in either White or Black

Don't Worry! We've got you covered. Included in the cost of international shipping we are including 2 region-specific power converters with each Reach. We'll get pictures of the power converters as soon as possible. We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of the Reach.

Wrap Up

Thanks for taking the time to read through our pitch. We’re confident that with your help we can add Reach to our growing line-up of clever solutions to everyday problems. As a quick recap, MOS Reach lets you tastefully relocate your power outlets to places that actually make sense: whether you affix Reach to your work desk, your nightstand, or your craft bench, you’ll always have easy access to a 3-prong outlet, to USB ports, and to the organizational benefit of powerful magnets. MOS Reach has helped us tidy up our work and living spaces—please back us so Reach can do the same for you. Please check out our reward tiers below. We’re sure you’ll enjoy using your Reach as much as we enjoyed creating it.

MOS Spring cables are the perfect accessory to the MOS Reach. At 3 feet long they make it easy to manage a charging station on your nighstand or desk when used with the MOS Reach. The MOS Spring cables feature anodized aluminum heads, metal spring strain relief to prevent shorts, and our Exoskeleton™ hyper-durable cable jacket.
All MOS Spring cables are covered by our lifetime warranty. If your MOS Spring cable fails for any reason just send it back and we'll give you a new one, no questions asked.

1. Pledge for a MOS Reach Reward tier. Add-ons are only available after backing for a MOS Reach.
2. Click the blue "Manage your Pledge" button at the top of the project. This button is only available after your initial pledge.
3. Increase your pledge in the Pledge Amount box by the total number of add-ons you'd like to add. For example, add $40 to your initial reward level for an additional Reach ($25) and Spring Lightning Cable ($15). 
You can change your pledge amount at any time to add as many Add-ons as you'd like. We will ask for which colors of Reach and which type of Spring cables you want after the completion of the project.
4. You then need to confirm your new pledge amount and you will be sent to Amazon to finalize the checkout process.

Production Schedule

This is our estimated production schedule. The longest part of the schedule will be the UL Certification, which we have been told can take 8 weeks to complete. We are hoping it is much faster.
This is our estimated production schedule. The longest part of the schedule will be the UL Certification, which we have been told can take 8 weeks to complete. We are hoping it is much faster.

Prototyping and Production

Handmade Prototypes
Handmade Prototypes

Handmade prototypes, foam models, and cable samples.
Handmade prototypes, foam models, and cable samples.

A nerd drawing early concepts.
A nerd drawing early concepts.

Video by Hector Caceres
Music: Scope by AudioTreats.

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