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CA7CH Lightbox

CA7CH Lightbox is a compact wearable and easily controllable camera for your mobile devices. With just a tap or two you can take a picture, record a short clip, or audio. its amazing small but it boasts great features an 8mp camera, built in battery, wifi/bluetooth connectivity, waterproof. Its the perfect companion for the everyday person and an adventurer, capture your experiences with easy! 

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Designed for smart phones, Lightbox lets you snap pictures & stream video: sharing the world through your eyes – live & hands-free.

Why We Are Doing This

What began as a simple conversation about building a camera fit for our times sparked a curiosity among three friends to re-imagine how we capture and share our daily experiences. We created CA7CH to make the experience of “catching” and sharing life's moments easy, spontaneous and fun. After a year of hard work, Lightbox was born, a camera that would allow people to see life in a new way.

Small. Simple. Beautiful: Meet Lightbox

The world’s smallest live-streaming wearable camera at only 1.5 inches on each side with a sleek and shiny top-quality aluminum body. Lightbox works with your smartphone to change the way we communicate, share, and experience life. Packing 'pro' HD features, this small yet powerful waterproof camera operates instantaneously, putting you a step ahead in capturing your life through photography and video.

From concept to prototype to Lightbox.
From concept to prototype to Lightbox.

Camera Features 

Explore All Angles
Lightbox’s patented magnetic clip lets you easily attach it anywhere. The powerful magnet will hold the camera firmly in place even through your jacket or baseball cap, letting you explore unique angles and perspectives.

Fit For Your Style
Lightbox is designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life. Because it’s so easy to wear, small and waterproof, you can always have it on so that you can capture and share your life as it happens.

Be Hands-Free
Having fun while being hands-free is a big part of the Lightbox experience. You'll be able to snap photos or take HD video while you have both hands in the air.  

Snap to Post 
Keeping the design sleek, Lightbox has only a single button on its smooth surface. Users can program this 3-function button to snap a picture, capture short (12sec) video, record audio or live stream. 
When clicked, the Lightbox button captures the media and posts it to your cloud storage in a single click. Snap to post lets you set the camera to auto-share with one click or to keep the media private.

The camera also knows to save animated motion gifs, combining a burst of photos into a motion experience.

Instant Connectivity
We put connectivity at the center of the Lightbox experience. Lightbox works with your smartphone through built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, moving the camera’s storage to the cloud and letting you instantly connect with friends and followers. 
The powerful combination of smartphone and wearable creates endless possibilities. Combined with the CA7CH app, Lightbox lets you auto-store media in the cloud, create events on the fly and share your day with family or friends in one click. It's not just about capturing the perfect picture, it's about sharing authentic moments in real time, all with the ease of a single click.

Stream Live
Lightbox is designed for live streaming over Bluetooth and WiFi. The camera can connect directly to the cloud or via the smartphone, streaming video using HLS technology. CA7CH app users can view live HD video on their device, allowing the streaming session to adapt to the available data rate.

CA7CH App Features 

The CA7CH app makes the Lightbox experience fun and social. You can control the camera’s settings, combine multiple cameras into one, create events where friends snap photos, share videos and comments into the same post, and so much more. The app also works with your iPhone’s camera and lets you easily post your events to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
Designed into the mobile app, the Viewfinder lets you see what Lightbox sees so that you have total control of your framing and composition. Through the viewfinder, you can also set image quality and program the camera to take photos or short videos automatically.

The app also includes on-the-fly editing capabilities with beautiful filters, picture frames, stickers and patch text over your images right from your phone.

Create an Event
Easily create your own group events or browse the feed to see the world through the eyes of others using public events and live streaming video. 

Connect Multiple Cameras Into One Event Feed
Imagine being able to connect multiple Lightbox cameras with the app in one space to cover a single event, like a concert, from different perspectives. Everyone can participate by posting comments and tagging photos and video in real time for a new and unique group-chat experience.  


Where We Are At 

In recent months, we've completed building our first set of Lightboxes here in the U.S. We had to overcome many technical challenges and are finally ready to move into production. With your help on Kickstarter, we will be able to finish the product development process, complete packaging and move into manufacturing. The CA7CH app is currently iOS-compatible and we are continuing to add features and new capabilities. The Android version of the app will be ready for release in under 60 days and we plan to continue engaging supporters to help us make it as intuitive as possible.

When Will I Get Mine? 
Currently, we are negotiating with our manufacturing partners and are in the final stages of that process. That leaves us with a 90-day cycle time and our anticipated inventory shelf date for the U.S. is October, at which time we plan to start shipping cameras to our backers.
It is important to note that although we have built flexibility into our schedule, there may be unforeseen delays. However, we are very confident that even with unforeseen delays, we will be shipping the product this winter at the latest.

Development Timeline 

Pledge Levels / Rewards

Thank you for helping us reach our $80,000 goal in the first 26 hours! 

After hearing all of your feedback and ideas, we are excited take Lightbox to the next level with our first two stretch goals:

Our cool Kickstarter Limited Edition Lightbox.
Our cool Kickstarter Limited Edition Lightbox.

Meet The CA7CH Team 

Thank you for visiting our Kickstarter page. Allow us to introduce you to the founder team @ CA7CH:
Rom Eizenberg, CEO:  Once a rocker with long hair, Rom is now a bold entrepreneur with little hair. Spending the last decade building innovative businesses, Rom has hands-on experience building hardware and social software businesses. He still loves his guitar and sometime jams during long calls with overseas manufacturers.  
Robert Kowalik, COO:  An early stage operations ninja, Robert brings over 22 years of experience in leading global operations  in emerging technology startups. When not whipping the team, Robert loves to ride his snow mobile and ATVs. 
Leif Chastaine, VP Product:  A sworn mountain cyclist and brewmaster, Leif loves climbing steep peaks and rewarding himself after with a tasty beverage. In his over 18 years of successful start-up experience Leif has conquered challenges in wireless, B2B and social markets.

Developer Team Kit 

Lightbox is a camera platform with a fully functional API that allows developers to get creative, building cool applications taking advantage of the Lightbox wearable experience. We encourage developers to back us using the API level on Kickstarter to receive our SDK kit to get them going.


Catch Motion Inc. is looking for collaborators in this project.  If you have an idea on how we could work together, please reach out! Write to us at

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