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NEO - Worlds most Powerful Friction Free Bikelight

NEO - No batteries, no friction & no extra magnets - just cool & easy mountable Scandinavian design based on 100 % magnetic energy.If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through IamABacker.com , Thank you.

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About this project

NEO is the synthesis of advanced technology and design, representing the future of bike lights. Based on our users feedback we wanted to create a simple and intuitive bike light that is both easy to mount and also more convenient to use than what is currently on the road. Beautifully designed, its unique operation was at the core throughout the process. Powered by Eddy currents, the energy is generated without friction making it incredibly efficient, you’ll never have to think about batteries again. 

We have finally prototyped NEO but we need your help to scale up the manufacturing and bring it to market.

The prototyping phase is nearing conclusion with great results, we just need to finalize the last few details to make sure we can deliver you the best product possible. With NEO we are on a quest to change the World working closely with you, our future users, to create a safe and carefree biking community.
At Reelight, traffic safety is our main goal. For more than a decade we have been helping cyclists around the world feel assured and safe on the road. We first invented the ground breaking induction bike light a few years ago powered by magnets that are placed on the spokes of your bike, eliminating the need for batteries. Based on a large scale research study with over 4,000 participating cyclists, Reelight has proven that our induction lights reduce probability of accidents by up to 35%. Furthermore, 85% of our induction light users have also expressed to have felt safer whilst riding in traffic.
For the past two years, we have been researching into improving human powered energy solutions on bicycles, making our products more efficient and user friendly. Evolution has brought us to a fuss-free mounting solution with a high level of light output that is powered by the motion of your bike rim. An eye-catching design solution echoes the old school dynamo principle whilst highlighting the friction free power generation. The result allows any bicycle rider to take advantage of our proven solutions using no extra power, and help minimize the impact on the environment.
Now it is time to take it to the next level, and we need your help to bring NEO to life.

Render of NEO on a bicycle

Design Concept

To bridge state-of-the-art technology and contemporary performance driven design together, Reelight teamed up with the award winning Danish design studio, Kilo; known for delivering simple World class design solutions answering to complex design challenges.

NEO represents a new typology amongst bike lights, a result of bridging new technology and forward thinking design. It meets demands of modern transportation and a goal to be self-powered in the simplest way possible. NEO is shaped to not interfere with standard brake and lock systems, providing optimal clearance and orientation to the rim. It attaches to the frame on one end and cantilevers out from the other to be powered by the rotating rim. The design translates new technology and the requirement of easy mounting into a new iconic product with a characteristic appearance combining generator, LED and mounting piece in a single unit.


NEO technology is the result of valiant bicycle light engineering. The light source is powered by a patent pending generator technology and there is no friction between NEO and the wheel on your bike. In order to produce energy for the light, the patent pending technology takes advantage of Eddy Currents generated by the rotating aluminum rim.

Generator: Eddy Currents is a common phenomenon, which appears when a changing magnetic field is induced within a conductive material such as aluminum. These eddies have their own magnetic field, which can cause repulsive or attractive effects in non-magnetic but conductive materials. The same phenomenon appears when the magnetic field is stationary and the conductive material is in motion. Inside NEO this concept is used to propel six powerful neodymium magnets, as Eddy Currents are generated when the aluminum rim starts rotating near the magnets. The magnetic fields from the magnets induce an electrical current into six special copper coils, which then supplies the circuit board with power.
Light: The system generates enough power to run two 1W LEDs and one or two (front and rear light) low power LEDs for backup light. Great emphasis has been placed on high light performance. While you are riding, a concentrated beam lights up the road ahead, and the extra wide angle rear light provides impressive rear and side visibility. The high level of light output cannot be sustained whilst waiting for the traffic light to change, therefore an auxiliary system with a backup circuit has been developed. When stopping for traffic lights the backup system automatically keeps supplying power to the low power LEDs. A key factor in development has been optimizing the user safety at all times.

Exploded view of NEO - This is a patent pending technology


NEO is optimized for easy user interaction, mounting is very intuitive. Insert the threaded strap to adjust its position and secure by tightening the nuts by hand. NEO can be mounted in under 30 seconds and require no tools other than the included allen key for locking and anti-theft protection. No buttons and switches are needed – all you have to do is ride and never worry about your lights being switched on/off or the need to replace batteries again.

 project video thumbnail
Animation of how NEO will be mounted on a bike

Challenges/Project History

NEO is a product of close collaboration between designers and engineers challenging conventional thinking within bike light development. Transforming functionality and technology into an efficient integrated and innovative design solution has been key to this project.
In the process of merging these two worlds, we have spend thousands of hours on R&D, market studies, ideation, 3D processing, prototyping and continuous testing and evaluation of user feedback in search for the right solutions.
Market analysis shows that many high performance bike lights focus primarily on functionality and pure technical appearance based on existing technology. We decided to search for a new typology making NEO more effective and relevant to the consumer in search for a much more integrated and intuitive solution than what the current market offers. The NEO design is a very simple, intuitive integrated solution that makes the bike light very convenient and user friendly for the consumer. NEO can save you time, energy and money.
We are very excited for the potential that NEO has for future consumers but we still have to finalize our project by taking it from the prototype phase to a finished bike light, ready to put on your bike. We believe NEO is a better alternative to the existing bike light market and hope you agree. We now have a proof of concept, working prototypes and we are ready to bring this iconic new typology to the next level providing a safe and reliable solution securing your future visibility on wheels.
We respect and admire the Kickstarter platform and the fact that the Kickstarter community is always on the look out for new innovative thinking, we now humbly ask for your support to help us create a brighter future.

NEO specifications

NEO technical specifications

The NEO Kickstarter collection

We have elaborated a lot on color schemes for NEO and improved them along the way to make sure they would match perfectly with your bike. We have settled on 4 refined colors that are all related to the need of light. They match great together as a set – and also shine individually. Sky grey, Black dawn and Midnight blue are timeless colors that fit with most bikes, while the Sunset orange will give any bike a pop of color.

 project video thumbnail
Animation of the different color options for NEO
To show our appreciation for our supporters, we are offering something unique that is related to NEO's development process and only available through our Kickstarter campaign. We have decided to produce an exclusive limited edition of NEO inspired by our very first prototypes from our 3D printer which were translucent. We have perfected the look of our translucent prototype and also gave it an orange bracket for a fun and vibrant kick.

What's your favorite color?

 Sky grey, Black dawn, Sunset orange, Midnight blue or Morning mist?

Reward Model

We ship locally to all backers in Europe and locally from the U.S to all our U.S backers.

Project Timeline

NEO project timeline

About the collaborators 

Reelight was founded in 2003 in Aarhus, with an ambition and idea to create magnetic, battery free bike lights. Reelight is today leading on the market of magnetic bike lights and has provided over 1,5 mio. bikes around the world the opportunity to be visual in traffic. Two years in a row Reelight has won the prestigious Eurobike Award at the world greatest bike fair, Eurobike. Both times regarding a strong focus in traffic safety, environmental consideration and innovation. Our team consists of dedicated engineers and bicycle enthusiasts with backgrounds in design-, electronic-, mechatronic- and mechanical engineering. With years of experience with bike lights and technical innovation, we spend our time balancing user needs, performance, production methods and price, to shape the friction-free bike lights of tomorrow. The technology behind NEO is developed in an agile environment where user feedback is essential for refinement of the product. With advanced tools like FEM and SPICE-simulation the behavior of the products can be simulated in a virtual environment before switching to 3D print.
Kilo was founded in 2005 and is today among Scandinavia’s most influential design studios. Kilo is an idea-driven industrial design studio creating with a holistic approach and often exploring the potential of crossbreeding elements or attributes from different disciplines in to new functional and aesthetic hybrids. Kilo is internationally recognized and has earned a reputation for delivering world class design and innovation for clients no matter size – from start ups to corporate organizations.

Lars Larsen is founder of Kilo. He is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, and the Danish Design School. Lars is known as an industrial designer with a natural eye for blatant and simple solutions to complex design challenges that has earned him awards and instant acclaim as one of Scandinavia’s fastest rising stars. Lars Larsen has a long experience across a wide range of disciplines creating signature designs for clients around the world. Alongside his design practice, he is a member of the Danish Design Council and has served on a number of award juries, including D&AD, Core77 and Cannes Lions. His work is included in SFMOMA’s permanent collection, and he has received numerous awards and honors over the years, including the Danish Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award and a Cannes Lions golden trophy.

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