Friday, May 15, 2015

LUNATIK Epik for Apple Watch

    The Team at MINIMAL are at it again! Yet another great accessory to help protect our mobile gear. They were one of the first teams to make the 6th gen iPod nano into a watch( so to speak) with their Lunatik and Taktik watch bands, it reached nearly $1million and a little over 13,500 backers. Now we have the new and more refined version for the actual Apple Watch and I have been waiting for a case like this for the past few weeks that I have had my Apple Watch. Take a look below and if you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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About this project

Make It Epik

What happens when you take the world’s most advanced and best-selling smartwatch and combine it with a ruggedly refined, precision engineered case and strap from the leader in premium mobile protection? You make it Epik.
We believe the Apple Watch will become a seamlessly integrated and indispensable part of our everyday lives. But for many highly active and adventurous lifestyles, the Apple Watch will require enhanced protection. LUNATIK Epik transforms your Apple Watch into a bold, iconic and just plain badass wearable companion, ready for anything. With Epik you can enjoy your adventures without worry, knowing your investment is safely protected.

Always Use Protection

You might ask, does a watch really require additional protection? Typically not. But the Apple Watch is not typical, nor is it designed to perform in extreme situations where a true sport watch might. While designed perfectly for everyday fitness, would you wear your expensive Apple Watch snowboarding, cross-training or even at the beach like your old school G-Shock, Timex Ironman or Nike Triax?
We know Epik is not for everyone. However, for those who rely on their gear while participating in extreme scenarios as well as the harsh realities of everyday life, it offers more rugged protection when you need to dig deeper, go bigger or just plain man-up.

This Is Epik

Epik is the rebirth and evolution of the LunaTik Watch Kit. An instant global crowdfunding success in the technology and lifestyle industries, the original LunaTik Watch Kit has been the icon for Apple’s wearable technology for the last 4 years. Now that the Apple Watch is here and poised to change the industry, LUNATIK is focused on developing epic solutions that enable users to use the Apple Watch and wireless technology in any situation. 
Meticulously designed by Scott Wilson, former Global Creative Director of Nike's watch and technology division and recipient of the Smithsonian's prestigious National Design Award, Epik was inspired by the precision details, functional design and durable materials of outdoor gear. Epik is a distinctively masculine statement crafted for those who appreciate a more rugged aesthetic.
Forged from aluminum alloy and premium performance materials, Epik will transform your Apple Watch (42mm) into conversation-starting, high tech gear that is as comfortable in the boardroom as it is on a mountaintop.
Epik's rugged case encloses and protects the Apple Watch's more sensitive and delicate areas. The premium, anti-dust and dirt coated silicone sport strap or aluminum link bracelet with silicone sub-links and butterfly clasp, are designed for long term comfort and durability, even through your toughest workouts. Epik's highly tactile Active-Control Crown couples seamlessly with Apple's Digital Crown to enhance grip, making interaction with your apps more efficient in highly active moments.

Features | Specs

  • Forged and machined aircraft-grade aluminum case (for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport 42mm) surrounds and protects the device.
  • Epik’s slightly raised aluminum bezel protects the glass face and most vulnerable edges. 
  • Stainless steel perforated filters provide added ingress protection against dirt and water.
  • Premium, anti-dust/dirt coated silicone sport strap or aluminum link bracelet with silicone sub-links and butterfly clasp provide comfort and durability.
  • Full use of all watch controls and features, including recharging, heart-rate monitor, digital crown and side button.
  • Acoustic ports amplify and enhance audio performance.
  • Stainless steel hardware components.
  • Active-Control Crown provides enhanced control of Apple's Digital Crown in extreme conditions. 
  • Shock-absorbing internal core suspension system for impact protection.

 Why Epik?

Glass is typically weakest on the edge, and while tough, a naked Apple Watch is still prone to damage. As more and more damaged Apple Watch stories surface, it is going to be painfully clear why adding Epik protection is a smart move. But don’t just take it from us, check out this video from Cult of Mac editor Leander Kahney. Looks like Epik protection would have come in handy for him.

Epik Protection for the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport 42mm

For our Kickstarter campaign, we are focused on creating Epik for the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport 42mm. The Epik system will also be compatible with our original LunaTik watch straps, including the leather Chicago Collection and metal Lynk Collection straps. 


An Epik Journey

We are the design team that kickstarted it all. Four years ago, we changed the entrepreneurial world when we simultaneously sparked the global crowdfunding and smartwatch movement with TikTok+LunaTik. We built a loyal community of Kickstarter and LUNATIK fans that believed a small group of passionate designers and product developers could create something pure and uncompromising. At LUNATIK, our mission is to develop solutions that enable and enhance mobility in any environment—mobility without limits.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Since last fall we have been studying the limited information available on the Apple Watch in regards to dimensions, sensors and other critical items. When the watch launch date and more details were officially announced we focused on design refinement, engineering and the manufacturing strategy. Once we had a device in hand on April 24th, Scott Wilson jetted to Asia to join his team on the ground and begin an intense two week development effort focused on Epik while his team focused on other high priority projects, the Aquatik and flagship Taktik 360. We are now locked on the design and engineering and beginning the tooling development this week. Based on a May 11th kickoff, the following is our development schedule for Epik Aluminum:
Update all stamping molds and testing for the forging process
  • 20 days > 01 Jun 2015
Kickoff the aluminum blank production
  • 25 days for the first 5000pcs > 06 July 2015 
Create machining fixtures, CNC, polishing, sandblasting
  • 20 days for the first 5000pcs > 03 Aug 2015 
  • We will increase the output from 300/day to 900/day after the first 5000pcs.
  • 10 days > 17 Aug 2015 
Final assembly and packaging
  • 15 days > 08 Sep 2015 
Shipment schedule for first 20,000 units
  • First 5,000pcs > 11 Sep 2015 
  • Next 15,000pcs > 25 Sep 2015

We Need Your Help And Feedback

We've been wear-testing prototypes and pre-production units, and mass-production stamping tool & CNC machining fixtures are being created. Our team is engaged and on the ground in Asia, overseeing development and quality control on Epik. We have done a ton of upfront work on this project prior to launch and are in the process of coordinating all the backend logistics to make this a reality. Our next step begins with you. 
Your backing will help us estimate how much tooling we need to make Epik. Each tool and CNC setup produces about 300 units a day due to the time it takes to craft each case. Based on your interest and support, we can predict both Kickstarter and market demand and calculate how much tooling we need to invest in creating this product.  
As you can see, Epik is a very unique product that is precisely crafted to complement and transform your Apple Watch into a durable, long-term companion. As with all of our products, quality and design are at the forefront of our efforts. We want to exceed your expectations and in turn allow you to exceed your own expectations of what you can do with your Apple gear.

  You can Download our new app; I am A Backer and follow IamABacker on TwitterFacebook, or RSS to be notified of any updates.


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