About Me

Hi, I am a Tech enthusiast/Tinkerer/ and Modder, I have been part of the kickstarter community since December 2010. I have pledged on a little over 120 projects to this date.

For a while I would start looking for projects that interested me, and I would generally look into some categories. I would start with Technology and see what they had up at the time( I would visit the site about once a week in the beginning ), than I started to search in Design. I have a background in Mechanical Engineering( I have gone to college for M.E. and at the same time I was working part time( I left college for my job a bit early with only a small amount of credits left to graduate)).

Over time there were so many projects to look through and find something that caught my attention I had to change the way I searched for new projects. For a while now I have visited kickstarter and just searched in two ways, I would go to discover and "Recently launched" and "Ending soon" and from there I would get the newest projects and a possibility to pledge into the limited earlybird pledges. With ending soon I was able to see the projects that were nearing the end of their funding timeline( both giving me a last chance to pledge and seeing if in fact that project would get funding). I would socially share projects that I liked here and there and I even got a few friends to pledge for a project here and there. I just wanted to have a place where I can post about all of the projects that interest me and try to help them get more funding and spread the word.


  1. Please check out our product. We will thank you and our trees will thank you

    1. Thanks for sharing your project, I have made a post for you. Good luck! http://www.iamabacker.com/2014/06/the-cortica-mug-coffee-mug-for-coffee.html

  2. Could you check out my campaign please? We need exposure because most of our backers so far are people we know. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1796469335/sunpack

    1. I will look into it, thank you for the suggestion.

  3. Please check out GoGoMedic™. If you like it please make a post and you might even save lives.


    1. http://www.iamabacker.com/2014/07/gogomedic-emergency-medical-info-on.html

  4. Hi Simon,

    A new flash drive that works with iOS devices and Macs has emerged!
    This new device called /binary is able to read microSD cards, making this the most universal flash drive with hot swappable memory!

    Did we tell you it comes with a built-in but detachable charging cable as well?

    Do check out the now live Indiegogo campaign at bit.ly/binaryusb to learn more.
    /binary also comes in an Android compatible version.

    Thank you!

    Dharumaraj Rajah

  5. Hey Simon,

    I was wondering if you (or anyone else who is interested in crowdfunding) could participate in our study on crowdfunding. More specifically, University of Hamburg, Germany (www.uni-hamburg.de) is currently conducting a research project on crowdfunding and its success factors. The purpose of the study is to find the factors that play a significant role in backers' decision to support a crowdfunding project. We would appreciate it if you could fill out the following questionnaire.


    Completing the questionnaire takes about 15 minutes. As a small token of gratitude you can participate in a raffle for one of the three $30.00 Amazon vouchers.

    If you have any questions regarding this research, please contact the primary investigator at Krystallia.Moysidou@wiso.uni-hamburg.de

    We thank you for your thoughtful feedback.

    Krystallia Moysidou, PhD Candidate
    University of Hamburg
    Chair of Management & Digital Markets
    Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
    Von-Melle-Park 9, B538
    D-20146 Hamburg, Germany

  6. Hello

    Greetings to you. I would like to show you a disruptive innovation in the consumer durables industry. Here's MAID, an oven that knows every recipe and can cook all of them. MAID is now live on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding platform, to raise funds for production.


    Just check out the campaign and if you find it interesting enough, if you can share the vision, do support us, back us and also share with your friends and family so that we can make MAID a reality. Let's make all incredible dishes.

  7. Simon,

    I would really be interested in your opinion of our kickstarter project as you seem to know your way around Kickstarter by being able to identify new and exciting projects to fund. We are a small business in Houston Texas that has been working with NASA for the past 4 years to develop commercial space training programs for the emerging spaceflight industry. In pursuit of these efforts, we are developing some new technology as part of a Kickstarter campaign called “Spacewalking on Earth” to build the Modular EVA Training System (METS). Derived from NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) it is a revolutionary system to train people for spacewalks for lower costs, less risk and METS has capabilities even NASA doesn’t have. As part of the campaign for $179 you get 3 hours of space training where you can feel what it’s like to walk on Lunar/Martian surfaces, you can fly terrestrial/orbital simulators AND train on METS. For $349 you get 3 hours of training on METS in a real pressurized space suit! Earlier this year we received FAA Safety Approval for all of our training programs making us the only company in the world with such a certification.

    With that said do you have any interest what we are doing? If not I understand we are just trying to get the word out about what we are doing to the Kickstarter community and could possibly entertain free training to those that can help spread the word. I welcome your thoughts and applaud your success because the more companies that succeed the better it is for us all.


    Have a great day,

  8. Simon,

    Hello! I'm a start-up company called Wak-uh Bags. I'm trying to do a Kickstarter campaign first before finding investors for my reusable bags. I have two series, produce bags in five sizes and another called Farm-to-Home. It's perfect for keeping goods separated while at farmer's markets or quick runs to the grocery store.

    Please check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1181509292/wak-uh-bags-ridding-earth-of-plastic-bags

    And thanks for giving us business/entrepreneur newbies a fighting chance ;)

  9. Hello, my name is Fran and I have a project "A new footwear archetype designed for a circular economy, that is recycled, organic, vegan and recyclable, and that prioritize ethics to aesthetics for the common good".Do you like my proyect?https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1111151010/a-new-footwear-archetype

  10. Hey Guys

    Checkout The Oomph our amazing portable coffee maker
    Almost at 50% funding in less than 1 week

  11. Will you check out my campaign..I just started yesterday and I also just started a bloghttp://igg.me/at/joan-of-arc/shre/13047941
    Blog: joan-of-arc-club.weebly.com

  12. I'm a creative artist using technology in the music & videos I make https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2000797970/zombies-on-the-rise-music-video-show-your-zombiene does your blog deal with this sort of thing/

  13. Hello Simon, I hope this message meets you in good health. I came across your blog through your app on play store all from Serbia. I want to ask you to please support my campaign on
    Where I am hoping to raise $5000 to start a small fast food business. The successful completion of my campaign brings improved standard of living for me and my family while giving me the opportunity to achieve my goal of becoming self-employed.
    Please support my project and help me spread the word.


  14. Hi Simon

    I see that you are an Indiegogo Super Backer, having backed 38 projects in the past!

    I am pleased to invite you to join the Super Backer Exclusive for our upcoming Indiegogo project:
    We will be offering a very special Secret Perk to Super Backers during the launch and if you’re in to your music then I think you are really going to like it :-)
    P.S. If you have any questions about the upcoming campaign, please feel free to ask.