Tuesday, October 28, 2014

PLAYBULB Colour RGB LED Lightbulb + Bluetooth Speaker + App UPDATE!

Playbulb, a great product combining a led light bulb with a built in bluetooth speaker. Their single color White bulbs in two shades( Warm White, Cool White) are available for order on their site right now though this link, this is the next gen RBG led bulb with full control of both music and lighting. This is the first project that I have not backed, and its not because I don't believe in the product etc. I already have a mobile controllable led lightbulb system( 10 bulbs) and another one on the way. I do wish mine had built in speakers, however both of the models I have/am waiting for have come from other kickstarter campaigns( Lifx which I received and am using, and iLumi which I am waiting for delivery at the moment). Take a look below and help they bring the next get RBG Playbulb to market and get a generous discount while you're at it...
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PLAYBULB color is a smart color LED speaker light bulb with PLAYBULB X free App. Let color and music fill up your living space.

Make a little change.  Make a whole lot better.

Just by replacing a light bulb, you will make a whole lot different to your living space. We invent PLAYBULB color so that you can manage the mood of lighting and music to follow your emotion. We believe color to your eyes; music to your ears is equivalent to oxygen to your breath.  
Surrounded by Colors
At work, we prefer bright white light. At home, we prefer warm yellow light. But is that all? What if you want to add a little bit of romantic highlight to your dinner with your loved one? What if you want to create atmosphere to your relaxing bath time? And what if you want to push your weekend party to a new level of wildness? Light should no long be just white or yellow. PLAYBULB color fills colors to every corner of your place. PLAYBULB color is here to re-define lighting by letting you manipulate the mood of your living space.
Indulge in Music
PLAYBULB color is also a Bluetooth wireless speaker. Since it is in regular bulb shape, you can simply replace any of your existing E26/E27 lamp to make music available to any corner of your place such as living room, bedroom, study room, and especially where music playback equipment might not be common such as bathroom, kitchen and top-covered garden.

Product Specification

Compatible Devices
iOS devices running iOS version 7 or above, Android devices running Android 4.3 or above and both having Bluetooth V4.0 or above capability.

Get Started with PLAYBULB color

Bluetooth Music Playback From Your Phone

Our PLAYBULB X free app is built with a music player.  Choose your favourite playlist from your phone, music and lighting control are at your finger tip. Since PLAYBULB color works just like regular Bluetooth speaker, you can also stick to your favourite music player, such as iPhone Music.

Brightness Control & Color Changing

Group Control (Lighting Only)

Note: Group control is NOT applying to music playback. Standard Bluetooth supports only one active audio output at a time although it can pair up multiple audio output devices.

Controlling Multiple PLAYBULB Products

We are making PLAYBULB X "One App. Controlling Many Products".  This is quite a challenge as PLAYBULB products are different in functions and features.  Making a single app to support all products is rather complicated scenario, not to mention maintaining a good user experience. PLAYBULB X app will work for all PLAYBULB products that are with color LED feature. We've started selling PLAYBULB candle.  PLAYBULB rainbow (color LED without speaker feature) will be available for sale at our online store (http://store.mipow.com) soon.  And we are proving our PLAYBULB color to backer here.  Also, we have PLAYBULB garden light and PLAYBULB string light in the roadmap.

Four Special Lighting Effects

There are FOUR special lighting effects to maximize your fun with PLAYBULB color. They are Flashing, Pulsing, Rainbow and Rainbow Fade.
Lighting Effect Video Demonstration
's video poster

Shake Your Phone To Change Color


OTA (Over The Air) Firmware Upgrade

Pledging Reward

Product Development Timeline

Help Us Making PLAYBULB color Popular 

If it's not re-inventing, we are adding extra definitions to lighting.  You backing will help us prove our vision before we go to mass production.  With your backing, we will plan raw materials & components purchasing accordingly; market our PLAYBULB color to the world; further enhance the free PLAYBULB X mobile App to include more interesting features; implementing OTA (Over The Air) feature so that you will be able to use computer to keep your PLAYBULB color updated.
We are active in developing new products.  We've made some successful ones while other didn't go as we expected.  Developing and launching a new product is full of uncertainty.  This is why we are here.  We think Kickstarter is a great platform to start conversation with our potential users; to gather thoughts or advices from the community; to prove our idea; to plan further enhancement.  MIPOW is a just small kid.  We know we need to listen and learn so as to make our product better, to serve better user experience. We are hungry to interact with the world, with the Kickstarter community.  We think. We design. We invent. We make mistake. We listen.  And we start again all again. And for this process to make sense, we need you to start interactions with us.

PLAYBULB website

For more information about PLAYBULB color, please visit http://www.playbulb.com


MIPOW, an authorized manufacturing licensee of Apple Inc., is a global leader in premium mobile device accessories. We bring together a unique blend of industrial and electronic design, precision engineering and high quality manufacturing to create products with wide appeal to today's mobile generation. Our main products are Smart Power (backup batteries, chargers), Smart Audio (headsets and speakers using Bluetooth® wireless technology) and Smart Lighting (Lighting product with mobile app control).
Our functional and fashionable designs have won broad market acceptance as well as many prestigious awards including: European Red-Dot Design Awards, International Forum iF Design Awards, GOOD DESIGN Awards and Macworld Asia The Best Awards. MIPOW takes pride in its innovation and holds 48 patents with more to come. These and many other accomplishments have positioned MIPOW amongst the leaders in product excellence.

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