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iceScreen ~ The Magnetic Ice Shield

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Anyone with a car knows the hassle they have to go through during harsh snowy winters. With the iceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield you don't have to worry about cleaning the snow and ice off your car every morning. Life is just that much simpler, lay out the iceScreen and when you're ready for work the next morning just pull it off your windshield. Take a look below and decide for yourself, I just wish it was released earlier than december.

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Clear your car window of ice, snow or frost in seconds with the iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield!
This easy to use snow removal product will completely change your outlook on having to park outside this winter.
No more getting your workout from using your ice scraper or having to hole up in your home due to not wanting to go outside and unfreeze/unearth your vehicle.
Don’t ever be late for an important meeting again because you forgot about the extra time it takes to clear your windshield after a snowstorm or an extra-cold night.
Dropping the kids off at school will be a breeze in the mornings this winter – no more waiting and praying that the defrost will kick in a little faster!
This is a great solution for small business owners that have a fleet of automobiles on their payroll. This quick fix will save you time and money. It can increase employee job satisfaction – not to mention get them off to work faster.
Safety and practicality are of utmost importance to us. A clean window in the middle of winter no longer has to be considered a luxury reserved only for those with a garage – now anyone can drive away with a clean windshield in less time than it takes to locate your scraper.

FEATURES FOR: The Deluxe Kickstarter Edition

Ice scraping is so last year. The iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield is reinforced with a double waterproof coat – it will keep your windshield free from ice, snow and frost through the worst of winter. Early morning dew will be no competition for this fast acting solution. 

Use the iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield cover all year round – just flip your cover over for instant sun reflection.
This all-in-one solution works like a charm to keep your dashboard, steering wheel and front seats cool during summer months.
Dark interior and leather seats are no longer an issue – no more burning or waiting for the air conditioning to cool things down!

It comes with magnet clips that are not only fun, but practical. Effortlessly attach them to your vehicle’s framework by simply peeling off the cover to reveal a clear window underneath. 
All magnets come in chrome/stainless steel.  The magnets are circular and come in their own gel padding case – removing all edges from the equation.

The highest quality, toughest wearing and durable material was used – this same material is used for our ambulance and other emergency vehicle custom orders. They need to rely on quick solutions to get moving fast – no matter what the weather conditions. 

The iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield was designed to fit the shape of your vehicle’s window exactly. Great effort was taken to come up with the perfect shape and design – our goal is that your car wears it with pride. 

We’ve added two flaps on either side of the cover to keep it from getting caught by the wind (or something else) and flying off – having both flaps in the door also keeps your newly purchased cover from being stolen. 

The storage bag is conveniently attached to your cover – quickly roll it up and stuff it back in. It’s nice and compact and will fit neatly in your glove box.

Our Deluxe Edition comes with a five year warranty – despite us being confident it will last you a lifetime of winters. 

Deluxe Kickstarter Edition:
  • 7 magnetic pockets
  • Sun reflective, all year cover
  • Storage pouch
  • 5 Year warranty 
  • Color: Black with silver satin trim
  • Suitable for: Sedans/city cars/SUV’s/people carriers
  • Not suitable for: Pickup trucks or vans
Standard Edition: 
  • 4 magnetic pockets
  • Storage pouch
  • Color: Black, grey or white with blue trim
  • M - Sedans/city cars
  • L - SUV’s/people carriers
  • XL - Pickup trucks/vans
"KEEP CALM" Limited Edition:

  • 4 Magnetic pockets
  • Storage pouch
  • Color: Satin Black with silver trim
  • Suitable for: Sedans/city cars/SUV’s/people carriers
  • Not suitable for: Pickup trucks or vans
Mirror Mittz™:  

  • 1 Pair of side mirror anti-ice covers
  • Color: Black
  • Suitable for: Sedans/city cars/SUV’s/people carriers/pickup trucks/vans

Our Story:
We – Andy (a mechanic) and Dan (a computer tech) began this project 2 years ago, testing and retesting every aspect over 2 winters. The first covers were made in Andys dining room until we were able to find a good manufacturer that could produce them in the same high quality we expected. 
As two busy fathers we were disappointed and frustrated by the lack of quality and functional options available on the market – so we decided to put our mechanical and technical skills together and ended up with this practical and user-friendly product.
When neighbors, friends and family all started requesting one too, we knew we were on to something that would be useful to others as well. Thus, the iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield was born and we now want to share it with the world.
We Need Your Help:
We’re looking to raise funds via Kickstarter to complete the manufacturing of the Deluxe Edition and Limited Edition of the iceScreen™ magnetic ice shield.
We want to make something really special – the finest, most kick-ass winter cover you could ever imagine. We need your backing to make sure we can make this available to the masses in time for this winter. Help us make it happen!
Delivery Schedule:
Dec - Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Mirror Mitts
Jan - Custom Orders
Feb - Limited Edition

Every pledge brings us one step closer to our goal. Help us make winter easier by clicking the ‘Back This Project’ button at the top of the page.
Please help us spread the word by sharing this page with your friends via social media, email or actual word of mouth!
Thank you so much – we truly appreciate your help.

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