Thursday, October 16, 2014

ONE CARD Thin Battery Charger for iPhone, Android

Everyone knows that feeling you get in the middle of the day when your phone battery is nearing zero and you are nowhere near an outlet. With the new One Card Mobile Charger you can charge your phone on the go and not have to carry a big and clunky backup charger. The One Card is a slim and yet powerful battery pack that comes with a Apple lightning adapter and will charge most mobile electronics with its micro usb and lightning adapter. If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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Up to 4X POWER of other card chargers + pull out cable w Lightning & micro USB. Black or White Color
Get 10%* for any business you refer to us - just 1 click on any of the buttons under the video is all it takes.  *Sent to your Paypal account at the end of the campaign.

ONE CARD Mobile Charger - the most powerful wallet fitting battery charger for Android AND iPhones.  Now available in black-only on Indiegogo.

Life is great.  You just got the Greatest Phone in the world, and it does EVERYTHING you wish for!  Suddenly, it starts to flash Low Battery and panic starts.
You are not alone.  A survey in May 2014 found 92% of people stress out when their cell phone battery is running low or completely gone.  
Relief will be found in your wallet.
In a Sept. 16th CNET review of iphone 6, 6 Plus, ”if I want better battery life this year, I guess I'll just carry an extra battery pack.”
The ONE CARD is: 
Must-have for extended use and enjoyment of all smartphones and tablets.  
Compact: thin enough to fit into wallets and light (2 ounces).
Versatile: pull out connection for BOTH Android and Apple lets you hold it onto the back of your phone to charge while talking or walking around. 
"No more messy wires and heavy external battery pack to slow me down between classes; or looking for AC outlets to plug in "
Powerful: the rechargeable Dense Lithium battery has 2 to 4 X the power of other card shaped chargers, and can charge phones at 1 A, up to 1% per minute, to nearly 100% (depending on the battery capacity).  While we could have made it 2 A, tests showed that it made the phone and ONE CARD too hot to be worth the small difference in speed.
Smart: automatically starts charging when plugged in-no switches to break
The Best Solution: iPhones, and most smartphones do not have removable batteries.  Cases with batteries add weight and bulk, and change the design aesthetics.  External battery packs have long cables and are bulky.  Other card chargers have as little as 25% power of the ONE CARD.  
Personal: draw or stick on your own message, school mascot, anything to make it look like nobody else's.  How about your company logo printed on it FREE?  
Can you tell who is not suffering from Low Battery Stress Disorder?  Hint-she's the one smiling because her ONE CARD charged up her phone.
Technical Specifications:
Other card chargers have fancy names and colorful cases.  We are sure that you only care that ONE CARD has the most power and is the most durable and affordable.

What this campaign is about

 Simply put-we have just started selling ONE CARD at $40 retail, but seeing people aimlessly looking for outlets and getting into accidents and fights made us want to help.  We are making it incredibly affordable at BELOW our wholesale price-without upsetting our dealers.  The only way we can do it is if we offer these prices on Indiegogo as a one time deal.
My name is Eric, and I am an engineering consultant for Smart Qi Power.  ONE CARD was conceptualized to be the most compact, and powerful, wallet fitting charger available.  It also had to be affordable and have pull out connections forBOTH Android and Apple devices.
To keep costs down, and speed up production, we decided to use a clean existing design that was already available and custom ordered a Dense Lithium battery that was the same size as other battery packs, but had much more power (2,200 versus 400 mAh).   Note-we have decided to go with a battery rated at 2,500 mAh for the same price to you. 
Over 10,000 white ONE CARD's have now been sold in September, and we have gotten requests to make it in black.   On October 6, we took your feedback and decided to put the black ONE CARD into production.
Part of the reason we are doing this campaign is to get feedback from you guys.  Of course, we will compensate you for your valued input, so we are going to offer great discounts to you.  The ONE CARD retails for $40, and we have Perks as low as$12 (70% OFF!) with FREE shipping (Outside USA, additional charge applies).
Perks - Retail $40
(shipping starts around December)
FREE Shipping is included for USA addresses.  Additional charge for outside USA.

100 Pack White with FULL COLOR printing available - see $1700 Perk


Also $32 Perk for 2 Pack-with $4 going to NBCF.

We will be transparent and update regularly 
If there are negative comments about any problems with our products, delivery, or anything at all, we will NOT hide them and will address them openly.
What we will do with the funds raised here
One of the main purposes of this campaign is to help us gauge your response to see if we should invest the $20,000 that we need to make the ONE CARD in black.  We already have the reserve for that set aside and it's been decided.
Risks to you minimized
We are using Paypal for credit card processing because if anything happens and we do not deliver (has never happened), they will always protect you.

Earn 10% CREDIT sent to your Paypal account

Please help us by sharing this campaign with friends and anyone in your social circle.  Just 1 click on any of the buttons under the video is all it takes.
Also for your consideration is our ONE STIK flash drive and charging cable from $10

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