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BelayCords - Reversible USB Charging Cords iPhone & Android

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With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device

To accommodate you better, you may view our KickStarter video with closed captioning here.

Presenting BelayCords, the first iPhone charging cord with reversible USB technology for iPhone and Android Devices!

Available for a variety of phones and tablets...

Micro USB Compatibility:
BelayCords will work with any phone or tablet with a standard Micro USB connector.This includes Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones, among many others! Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire, Nexus series, Motorola Moto, Motorola Moto G, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One, Xiaomi Mi 3, Blackberry Z10, LG G2,and so many more!
Apple Compatibility
Works with all apple products! This includes iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and more! It even works with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!

And in your favorite color...

The Problem

We love our phones.

And so much time and energy went into creating such amazing phones, but it seems like the charging cord hasn't caught up.

where's the charging cord love?
where's the charging cord love?
 Charging cords have some major problems. 
  • The white rubber gets dirty really easily. 
  • They break
  • Many have connections that wear out causing "on-again, off-again" charging. That's not very much fun during a sync. 
  • They also only work in one orientation. Apple fixed half the issue with their lightning adapter, but the USB side still needs some love. We found that we can never plug it in correctly the first time.

The fixes

USB Orientation

We're working with the Reversible USB patent holder to make the first and only iPhone USB Lightning cable that works in any orientation. That means when you try to plug it in, you get it correctly the first time, every time. It's backwards compatible with every USB port and works with all of your devices! 

 Worried your device isn't compatible? Most likely it is. But if you want to be sure, send us a message and we'll tell you!

 Strength and durability

The absolute worst part of charging cords is they break. We're building BelayCords with high quality, durable materials that will last. We're so confident that they will last, we'll put our money where our mouth is..we’re standing behind them with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. That means BelayCords will be the LAST cable you will have to buy.

Magnetic Keeper

You all requested it! To add a free Magnetic Keeper to your BelayCord purchase, just share our project on twitter or facebook from the buttons below our video! Then comment to let us know how you shared! Every BelayCord you buy will include it's own Magnetic Keeper. Patent pending.


Teaming up with lead designers, we created Belaycords in a variety of colors that “pop”. Inspired by climbing rope, belaycords has a rugged fabric exterior, protecting the charging components from wear and helping to keep them tangle free. That means no more on-again off-again charging! With MFI certified BelayCords by Apple, you'll never get another pop-up warning you about "Unauthorized devices". And because it's MFi certified and approved it works for both high-speed charging and syncing!

Personalize in a style that fits "you"

We know you're not made from a cookie cutter. Express yourself with BelayCords in a way you never could before.

 Reward Tiers


Our dream is to sell BelayCords in every Apple store. Inevitably the price will have to be more expensive than this KickStarter run. We're planning the MSRP to be $39.95 per BelayCord charger. This will cover MFI licensing, Barcode Labeling, manufacturing, shipping, fulfillment, legal, and more. Since we're fulfilling via KickStarter and effectively "pre-selling" BelayCords, we're able to give a discount. If our project is successful, you'llbe getting a great discount by backing our novel product
As an example of the lengths we've gone to create a truly durable charging cord, there are certain standards that you have to meet for MFI certification regarding wear and tear. Our preliminary tests show BelayCords is leaps and bounds ahead of other chargers on the market...far exceeding the normal wear and tear testing without ever breaking. We're also reinforcing the inner housing with molds to make them more solid and durable. It's more expensive, but that means when the lightning or usb adapter is say, stepped on, it will be reinforced. Expect more detailed photos and information in later updates. Now if it's abuse beyond normal wear and tear, like say your dog chewed your apart your cord, the warranty wouldn't apply. We'd probably go out of business if we did that!! 


Made In College is a full service accelerator that takes ideas and builds them from into full-fledged businesses from scratch. It starts with a simple idea submitted by anyone. After the idea is run by a board of directors and potentially approved based on a variety of factors including viability, time to market, patentability, and more, it is assigned to a project lead who oversees the idea from conception to delivery. This process can take as little as two weeks to as long as two years depending on how developed the submitted idea is.
Production teams include a PR/Media Manager, Video Editing/Content Creation, Prototyping Engineer, Communications Intern, and Team Lead. Rest assured, our team has the experience, training, funding, and oversight to manage this project with 100% confidence. Pledge with assurance!


KickStarter isn't a store. We don't have a finished product. We aren't a product on the shelf. We're creating something from scratch. You literally cannot find this product anywhere else and that does bring some challenges. 

Additionally, many KickStarter projects deliver late. It's a known fact. Many factors can cause delays, from manufacturing issues, receiving amazon payments late, shipping courier problems for international backers, to sheer number of backers. 

That being said, we're currently on track for shipping in November (I know--that's completely nuts). We want you to know that if you're a backer. You're family. We're looking out for you. We will deliver what we promise, and we'll bust our a** getting it to you. We got your back. Simple as that. 

Media Pack

For high resolution photos download our media pack via our friends at dropbox:Media Pack

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