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Hey Joe Coffee Mug Brew Joe on the Go

This is one of my favorite projects at the moment. I am a avid coffee drinker and waiting in line at my local starbucks is about to be a thing of the past, with the Hey Joe Coffee Mug. The design is simple and sleek, one button ease and no messy coffee to carry around, all you need is water and a coffee pod! This will give keurig a run for the money, as if its not enough how expensive their machines are and keep track of all those K-cups, Hey Joe is portable and always ready to make a fresh brew no matter where you are! Take a look below and help fund this brilliant idea.:
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Now you can brew coffee inside of your mug to the perfect drinking temperature anytime, anywhere, at the push of a button.


The Hey Joe coffee mug is a travel sized coffee mug that acts just like any other coffee mug, except it can brew coffee inside of your thermos and regulate the temperature automatically...which means not only can you ensure your coffee is immediately ready to drink as soon as it's done brewing, but that you can brew your coffee in pretty much any situation, anywhere, anytime. 

So, you're late to work and don't have time to make a pot? Grab your
mug and brew it in the car!

What happens if you get to the office and the coffee is burned? Grab
your Hey Joe Coffee mug and brew a cup of your own!
Do you ever get tired in the middle of class and wish you had a way to make coffee while listening to a lecture? Well, now you can!

Whether you're a working professional or a student, there is nothing worse than taking a sip from your travel thermos, only to find the coffee is lukewarm or cold. No problem, just push the button on the Hey Joe Coffee mug and it will warm your coffee up in a matter of minutes!

Some of our biggest supporters also love the travel mug's portability
and ease of use for camping trips. Just add water, insert the coffee
filter, and you can wake up on the side of the mountain with a hot, (but not too hot! ) cup of Hey Joe Coffee.

The scenarios are pretty much endless, but the point remains, now
there is a travel sized coffee mug that can brew your coffee for you
anytime, anywhere to the perfect drinking temperature.


Hey Joe Coffee was founded simply because we love coffee. The idea for the Hey Joe Coffee Mug itself came about because we noticed a problem and we wanted to fix it.

We wanted to find a way to regulate the temperature of coffee,
because it's often times served too hot. We were sitting down over a hot
cup of coffee discussing how tedious it is to order a wonderful cup of
coffee and then have to wait 10 or 15 minutes for it to cool down
enough to drink. Not to mention all the other problems that go along
with that.

For instance, we're all familiar with spilling coffee in the car. Why
does that happen? Because every coffee drinker knows you need to let
the liquid cool before drinking, and in those delicate 10 minutes when
you remove the lid, an accident as simple as turning too fast and spilling your coffee can happen.

These problems were unnecessary and we thought there was a better way to address the problem than the current solutions. We believe it is
better to heat coffee up to the exact right temperature from the
beginning (proactively) rather than try to cool it down after the fact
(retroactively). Thus, the idea for the Hey Joe Coffee Mug was born.


There are two reservoirs, or separate compartments, in the Hey Joe Coffee mug. The two sections are separated at the half way point of the mug so the top part holds the water and the bottom section is where the coffee is stored after the water is heated and drips through. There is a tray located in the middle of the Coffee mug so you can insert your Hey Joe Coffee pod in the tray, add water of any temperature to the top reservoir, 
push the power button once for the coffee to be brewed to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, 

Blue= 140 degrees fahrenheit
Blue= 140 degrees fahrenheit
push the button twice for the coffee to be brewed to 155 degrees fahrenheit,

Red = 155 degrees fahrenheit
Red = 155 degrees fahrenheit
or push the button 3 times for a cold drip coffee,

White= Cold Drip Coffee
White= Cold Drip Coffee
wait a couple minutes for the coffee to brew and you're ready to drink your coffee!


They Hey Joe Coffee Mug comes with a detachable, rechargeable battery located at the bottom of your mug. The way it works is the battery sends the energy to the copper coils encased within the heating plate in the center of the mug. This then heats the water to whichever temperature setting you specify after which point the water will drip through onto your Hey Joe Coffee pod. And viola! You have coffee.


 As far as the coffee itself, we wanted to make sure that we could provide not just a neat idea, but a product that actually delivered a high quality cup of coffee. 

Because of that, the Hey Joe Coffee Mug comes with our own blends of premium arabica beans that are conveniently sized so that you can fit them right in the tray, add water and push brew. Currently we have two blends, Hey Joe-Bold as Love and Hey Joe-Red House Blend. Bold as Love is a more robust, full bodied flavor for people who like stronger coffee where our Red House Blend is closer to a medium roast blend that is lighter but still filled with flavor.


Good question! While we do not have our own line of tea out now, we plan to put one into production shortly after this campaign. So, while we do not necessarily have our own packaged Tea for you to purchase, the Hey Joe Coffee Mug can in fact be used as a Hey Joe Tea Mug without question! 


During the research process tasting and researching different blends
and grades of coffee beans, we uncovered a whole separate issue that we felt it was also important to address. We noticed that between K-Cups and plastic coffee tops used in virtually every coffee shop, masspollution is becoming a serious issue with coffee packaging being a major contributor.
So, again thinking proactively instead of retroactively, we wanted to make sure that even though we were solving one problem we were not creating or contributing to another. So we decided to package our coffee in bio degradable packaging with seeds embedded within the packaging so that the coffee wrappers can actually grow plants if planted in the ground or in a pot.

Once you're done with your coffee, you can literally throw your package in a flower pot, mix in your coffee grounds from your cup and grow flowers. It is designed to be a 100% fully recyclable system. Pretty cool, right?


Besides being a convenient, high quality and environmentally conscious alternative to your current coffee options, our coffee costs a fraction of the price of a standard cup of coffee. The average cup of coffee costs around $1.38 where as a cup of Hey Joe Coffee, depending on how much you order, costs between $.40-$.50 cents. 
So if you're the kind of person that isn't absolutely dedicated to a cause for a product that's extremely convenient, produces high quality coffee and is an alternative for bettering the environment, you can rest assured that aside from all that, you'll save a ton of money drinking Hey Joe coffee. Because Coffee just doesn't need to cost to so much money.


We decided originally to make the battery detachable so people could put The Hey Joe Coffee Mug inside of the dishwasher if they wanted to, we found later that this really isn't even necessary. Because your coffee is kept in a separate tray and encased by a coffee pod, there is little to no residue and it is only in the tray itself. So we found the easiest way to clean your mug is to simply add water in the top, add soap if you want, push brew, rinse and you're done! 


Over the past year that the Hey Joe Coffee Mug has been developed, we came up with a multitude of differing designs. Each one differed in functionality and application. 

 The first prototypes were conceived to operate in a 2 cup system where the top comes apart from the bottom and hot water was necessary to have on hand in order to brew the coffee. 
You can see these examples in the above 1st and 2nd generations as well as in some of the sketches below. The idea was to have a system that allowed for the coffee and water all to be poured into one device, but also allowed for temperature regulation in the process of brewing through air flow and enabling the cups to separate into two.
Originally, we wanted to use K-Cups inside of the Hey Joe Coffee Mug to make it easier on people already using these for coffee. 

So the early drawings were incorporating K-Cups into the Hey Joe Coffee Mug mechanism. 

However, as stated previously, as we furthered the research and development process we discovered just how much waste K-Cups, in particular, contributed to the coffee pollution problem. Because of that, we decided to completely redo the design so that we could incorporate a way to make our product environmentally friendly as well as sustainable.

We went through countless days and late nights drinking lots of coffee and re-working the concept tirelessly until we knew we had the right one and the result was phenomenal. 

Once we ascertained the viability of the functionality and design we had a final version ready for prototype. 

Because we have an amazing engineer on our team, Chris Brooks, we were able to more efficiently work through concepts and drawings until we confirmed our final drawing was ready for prototype, which is the Hey Joe Coffee Mug you see today. Our aim has always been to keep the Hey Joe Coffee Mug as simple as possible. We wanted to convey that in the design, which is why it appears sleek. While we really, really like the design as it is today, there is the possibility of some changes being made to the design of the Hey Joe Coffee mug if we have enough funds. Because even though we are passionate about coffee, we are also a team of individuals that are extremely passionate about design and we want everything to be as perfect as it can be if given the opportunity. 


So we have a truly revolutionary product that solves a lot of issues, but now we need your help. In order to bring this product to market we have to invest in tooling as well as meet a minimum order quantity that we can't achieve without the help of the community. So, for those of you who have been following our progress and for those who are just now finding out about us, we need you to make this a reality. Support us by contributing to our cause and help us by sharing this video with people you know would like to be a part of Hey Joe.
Thank you for taking the time to watch our video and we look forward to sending you a ridiculous amount of awesome coffee for you to brew inside of your portable travel mug that you can take anywhere with you and brew your new awesome really fresh coffee.


Fortunately, because of our background in product design and implementation, we have pre-established relationships with factories that we have been working with for more than 2 years. So at this point, we currently have a manufacturer that has confirmed that they can produce the Hey Joe Coffee Mug on a large scale if necessary. We have big plans for where to take this so we wanted to ensure we were working with a quality manufacturer and having a manufacturer that has already established a positive track record with us is a huge plus!

Our particular partnership is with a manufacturer that has been in business for 15 years. They have a proven track record and we have no doubt they can produce on the level we will be ordering. 

Additionally we have a manufacturer rep lined up that is ready to travel to work with the manufacturer during the manufacturing process as a means of quality control and to ensure an efficient and timely initial production run.

As far as a time frame for delivery, we have listed in the rewards section that expected delivery is November of 2014, but to be honest that is simply to ensure a delay does not occur. We fully anticipate these to be completed and shipped to you sooner than November of 2014, but wanted to give us some padding JUST IN CASE. Simply because with the initial launch of any new product, there are all kinds of hiccups that can occur. We just want to think ahead so that nobody is disappointed and the most probable outcome is that everyone is pleasantly surprised by the early delivery! 

With all that said, our expectation and calculations based on conversations with our manufacturer are for these to be completed and shipped to you no later than September of 2014. 


 While we have more people working at Hey Joe Coffee now than when it was originally conceived, it is easier to name the main individuals who organized this project. 
Jordan Warren- Founder of Hey Joe Coffee. Jordan has a passion for product development and start ups. He has both grown brands and facilitated the successful integration of multiple products into the marketplace.

James Trezza- Co Founder of Hey Joe Coffee. James has extensive experience in supply chain management as well as product design for various companies. This is James' first venture outside of designing products for other companies and is focusing on Hey Joe Coffee full time.

Chris Brooks- Lead Engineer. Chris graduated from Georgia Tech as an engineer and has since been working in product design and in the engineering field. Chris brings a vast knowledge base of product design, a deep understanding of engineering and experience in this particular industry to the table.

Together we helped bring Hey Joe Coffee to life and we have much higher hopes for where it goes from here!


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