Saturday, June 28, 2014

SunPack Solar Battery Pack for Mobile Devices

Sunpack is a project started by two high school students with a passion for technology trying to raise money to product a consumer grade solar battery pack for mobile devices. From the looks of the prototype and demo it looks promising( with a nice design change). The funds they are looking to raise will be used to purchase a 3D printer and materials to produce their Sunpack. With two methods of charging the battery pack you can stay charged even during bad weather. One of the things I like is when they reach their goal they will release the stl files for the housing. Any backer with a 3d printer can design a encloser of their own and have it ready for their Sunpack.

Initially they contacted me about their project and I was a bit skeptical, I had asked to see the interior of their Sunpack. I wanted to make sure they didn't just repackage something that is readily available, and from the looks of the prototype they made all of the soldering and connection to and from the solar panel, battery. and usb circuit boards. After a few back and forth questions and fast responses, I feel confident that they will succeed in reaching their goal and start producing their Sunpack.

If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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Disclaimer: picture is of prototype Consumer design is a 3d printed plastic enclosure. Solar and wall charged portable USB charger

SunPack charging an iPhone

Specs: 5v 2.5 watt 500ma solar panel, at least 5000 mah battery, 13x15cm length and width, depth tbd, up to 2A charging output
First I'd like to say, we need your help in raising enough money to make sunpack the new gadget of the future. We will use the money we raise on kickstarter to buy a 3D printer and semi-mass produce plastic enclosed sunpacks to give to our backers.
The sunpack our backers will receive will have at least a 5000 Mah Li-Ion battery like the one used in our prototype. The sunpack also uses a 2.5 watt solar cell to combine compact size and solar efficiency. The sunpack, as mentioned in the video, has two ways of charging. The first being the solar cell, and the second being through a micro USB port.
Because the battery stores power from the sun or wall outlet, you can charge your devices at night or low light conditions. 
Our solar charger is very competitive combining the best features that other chargers like it have but improved upon at a much lower price. 
Any pledges will go a long way. Please help us get to $1500 so we can proceed to grow and mass produce this product. Thanks!
                                                                                 - Harrison and Jackson

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