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Geek Wave A No-compromise Portable Music Player

Geek wave is a music lovers best friend. Geek wave is raising the bar for all portable music players,  "Being the first company to bring the world a 32 bit/384 kHz plus DSD 128 component has it's advantages". Help them reach all of their stretch goals. If you would like to back them us this link 

If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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Music connects us, it's an expression of our feelings, emotions and experiences. Some people are happy listening to music through an iPod or their smartphone. However, this doesn't cut it for those that want to experience their music the way it was truly meant to be heard, in all of it's high fidelity greatness. In order to immerse themselves and experience all that their music has to offer, they need a portable music device of a much higher caliber.

Available Upgrades

Read about the upgrades that our Geek Force has helped us design.

Geek Wave is Different

We've taken the best ideas from the hundreds of different players on the market, and combined them with the high-performance features that we're known for, to create a no-compromise, high-performance portable music player.
With Geek Wave, you get:

The Highest Resolution Audio Available.

Being the first company to bring the world a 32 bit/384 kHz plus DSD 128 component has it's advantages. Like it's predecessor, Da Vinci Dual DAC, Geek Wave is the only 32 bit / 384 kHz PCM capable, native DSD player in the world. What does that mean to you? It means you can feed it anything. From MP3's all the way up to DSD128 files.

Listen to Your Music Anywhere

At home. Geek Wave is designed to hook up to your home stereo or A/V receiver through its line output port. Sit back and relax across the room andcontrol it using your smartphone or tablet.
At work. Geek Wave can rock out a set of powered speakers. Take it to work, plug it into the computer speakers on your desk, and watch your efficiency skyrocket. You'll probably even get a raise.
In the car. Connect Geek Wave to your car stereo through its aux port and you'll have your entire music library with you while you're on the road.
Take it with you. Geek Wave is small, light, and portable. Stick your headphones on and listen to music anywhere you go.

Drag & Drop Music Management with Expandable Storage

Easily manage your music files by dragging them from your computer's hard drive onto Geek Wave, which comes with at least 64 GB of internal storage (128 GB available), and is expandable via an SDXC port, which supports up to 2 addtional terabytes.

Versatile User Interface

Standalone Player
Geek Wave gives you quick and easy access to the essentials: play, pause, next, and previous on the front panel. Buttons on the side allow you to turn it on and off quickly, and gives you access to the main menu.
Control it with Your Smartphone
Take total command on your smartphone or tablet thanks to our iOS and Android apps. Pairing Geek Wave to your device using Bluetooth 4.0, you can organize and get more interactive with your music.

Ten Processor Cores

Geek Wave uses both a dual core MIPS32 MPU from Microchip Technology and an eight core 500MIPS CPU from XMOS. With its unprecedented processing power, Geek Wave supports all major lossless music formats, as well as all the standard "lossy" formats such as MP3.

A Large, Interchangeable Battery

One the biggest complaints against the iPod and many other portable music players is that they don't have a replaceable battery. When the battery dies, the whole device dies with it, forcing users to pay for repair.
Geek Wave's battery is user-accessible. After the expected two year lifespan of the rechargeable lithium ion battery, you can easily swap in a new one.

Geek Wave Models

Geek Wave 32 for Indiegogo Backers Only
Geek Wave 32 features everything in the Geek Wave 64, but it comes with 32 GB of on-board storage (expandable up to another 2 TB using the SDXC port). Why offer it on Indieogo? It's simple-- we want more people to be able to experience true high-performance audio, and we think high prices act as a barrier for a lot of folks. So we're releasing a limited number of this loss leader (it costs more to make it than what we're selling it for) for those of you who may be on the fence about trying something this high end. We won't be releasing this model to the public after this campaign for obvious reasons. :)

No-compromise Geek Architecture

Geek Wave uses a unique high-resolution architecture, proven in our
Geek Out DAC.

Instant Power Technology

Geek Wave holds power in reserve for sonic events that have more "boom." It doubles the power of the amplifier when it's needed.

A Three-layer Elastic Buffer

In digital signal conversion, timing is everything! To ensure computer speed fluctuations won't influence Geek Wave, we're adding the same proprietary (and patent-pending) three-layer buffer we developed for Da Vinci DAC to Geek Wave.

Our Powerful Duet Engine

Our company has been developing the most cutting-edge ways to enhance audio from MP3's, CD's, and other low-resolution streams since 2010. In our $31,000 Da Vinci Dual DAC, we have a sophisticated technology called Duet Engine, which is a timing technology that effectively doubles the quality of a music file without artificial "up-sampling" by merging two wave patterns of sound. No gaps, no air, just pure audio. Duet Engine dramatically improves audio quality, making the experience more lifelike.

Available Upgrades

Dual ESS 9018M DAC's

This is something the force has been asking for! Not to be confused with a dual mono DAC (like the Geek Wave XD 128), a Dual DAC design gives the device at least a 3 dB improvement in signal to noise ratio, as well as improved channel separation. In addition, the analog stage only has to work half as hard because the load is half. Overall, this contributes to a much more "easy-going" sound.
Specail IEM Package
IEM's, or In-Ear Monitors, are a special kind of headphones that most people would recognize as those thingies that recording artists have in their ears when they're on stage.
IEM's are special because they're very sensitive and, unlike most headphones, they don't require the same amount of power to make them work well. What they do need, though, is very low background noise. If you choose this upgrade, we'll customize your Geek Wave to have a very low noise floor. We'll also add a high-precision DC offset amplifier and tune down the power to 100 mW (which will be plenty). Finally, we'll replace 8 key output bypass capacitors and will dial the bias current down.
Femto Clock
Every DAC needs a clock to make it work. Geek Wave actually uses three of them, each with its own task. The clocks that we use inside Geek Wave are very accurate, but there's a special kind of clock out there that's super accurate: the femto clock. A femto clock is accurate up to one quadrillionth of a second. That's one millionth of one billionth of a second. Now that's accurate!
THD Performace Package
This is a package that will work with every set of headphones out there. The target is simple: to improve Geek Wave's THD, or Total Harmonic Distortion. Not to toot our own horn, but we're already really good at making devices with low THD. But we can do even better with a couple of special tweaks.
We'll replace the key amplifier in analog signal gain stage, not the output stage. Next, we'll hand-match some key components to make sure the output distortion is half of what it was. This is a great perk if you like your music player to sound very smooth and transparent.
LightSpeed 1G Micro USB Cable
This USB cable will be made to use when connecting Geek Wave to your computer to have it act as a standalone digital to analog converter (kind of like an external "sound card"). Its bandwidth will greatly reduce the jitter inside USB signal chain, making the music sound much more real.
You don't need this USB cable to charge Geek Wave— it'll do the task, but it's major overkill. :)
"DAD Upgrade" for Geek Wave XD 128
The Geek Force has spoken! Many of you have asked for the “ultimate” version of Geek Wave and we're happy to accommodate, and just in time for Father's Day.
With this perk you'll have your XD128's CPU upgraded and fine tuned to Larry's ultra specific specifications, literally doubling the core numbers and putting Geek Wave on par with devices you'd normally see in the $5,000+ range.
  • Minimum Phase Digital Filter: Removes all the pre-ring that's caused by the digital filter to make every note in your music much more natural and smooth.
  • Smart 1.56 MHz Up-sampling: When playing back 44.1K/48K CD Quality music, this will automatically trigger a two stage up-sampling algorithm allowing Geek Wave to up-sample all the way up to a 1.56 MHz sampling rate.
  • Buffer Size: This perk doubles the hardware buffer size between the music storage/flash memory and CPU.
  • Internal Storage: Choose this perk and we'll also upgrade you from 128GB's to 256GB's of internal flash storage.
Free Upgrades for Geek Wave XD 128
For those of you that have purchased the Geek Wave XD128 and have chosen to add the IEM package, we've decided to add a Gain Switch at no extra charge. Switching between pristine IEM output or powerful big-can output allows you to pair your Geek Wave with every set of headphones in your collection.

Once again, this upgrade is FREE for those who have chosen to pair their XD128 with the IEM package.

But wait, there's more!

We're also including the SUPER-QUIET shunt regulator for the Femto Clock in every XD128. With residual noise reduced to less than 3uV, this makes the Geek Wave XD128 the first portable player in the industry to feature this power supply circuit.

Once again, this upgrade is FREE for XD128 backers!

In order to implement the new circuit into Geek Wave XD128 we needed to free up valuable PCB space.The most logical option was to re-work the original Femto clock package and turn it into a smaller more efficient one. This will be the same Femto clock that's used in the other Geek Wave 32/64/128.

Also, by joining the Femto clocks into the same package, we were able to reduce the necessary Femto Clock minimum order quantity from 150 to only 90!

Join Our Geek Force

We've had such good fortune with Crowdfunding that we decided to open up parts of our product development process to YOU.
Geek Force is a forum that allows members to put in their "2 cents" and have a voice as we develop Geek Wave. We're a small company and our Geek Force is an amazing resource for us. It's a pretty cool group. Becoming a member of our Geek Force is free and easy to do. Just visit

You Can Get Geek Wave for Free!

We want to give you your Geek Wave for free! For every $250 in contributions from people you refer, we'll give you a $20 refund after the end of the campaign. That means if you refer 15 people that back our campaign and choose a Geek Wave as their perk, your Geek Wave is literally free!
How it works: Simply pledge for a Geek Wave to get your personal tracking URL, then press the share buttons or share your unique URL (below the main video at the top of the page). Spread the word about Geek Wave with your friends all over the Internet and you'll earn refunds quickly! Get creative— Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble Upon, BuzzFeed, forums and blogs are great places to share your URL!
The Easy Way: Facebook users love photos. Sharing your URL with Indiegogo's sharing tools is great, but sharing one of the photos on this page is easy and effective. Here's how you do it:
  1. Save a photo from our campaign to your computer.
  2. Log in to Facebook, and click "Add Photos/Video."
  3. Click on "Upload Photos/Video" and browse to the photo you saved.
  4. Write a quick testimonial about our campaign— be sure to share your special URL!
  5. Click "Post."

About LH Labs

LH Labs is an amalgamation of audio geeks and engineers who have partnered together with one sole purpose in mind: bringing the sound of high-end audio to the masses.
Based in Northern California, the epicenter of the high-end audio industry, LH Labs was founded on the principal that music lovers deserve something better than just the "usual." We've made it our mission to create the best products possible for both audiophiles and music enthusiasts.
We've earned all kinds of awards, including a CES Innovations Honoree Award, A Publisher's Choice Award from TONEAudio, a Greatest Bits Award from Audio Stream, a Writer's Choice Award from Positive Feedback Online, and a Blue Moon Award from We've been featured in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Street, Stereophile Magazine, The Absolute Sound, The Business Journals, and The Daily Swarm, among many other publications.

In the years that we've been creating audio products, we've had some pretty nice things said about our gear.
Sonic Satori - Michael Mercer
"Man, that thing was so airy, tight, and downright exciting to listen to. I don't think I've heard a USB dongle-type head-amp/DAC with the overall authority and SLAM of the Light Harmonic GEEK yet. That's why all I can say is WoW!!"
Inner Fidelity - Tyll Hertsens
"Boy, this little gadget's got some balls!"
Part-Time Audiophile - Scot Hull
"Me? I have two of 'em [Geek Out] on the way. Can't wait... I'm a dork. I ordered an extra."
Stereophile - John Atkinson
"Da Vinci produced a sound that thrilled."
The Absolute Sound - Steven Stone
"The visually striking Light Harmonic Da Vinci Dual DAC was a CES Innovations Award honoree, but its real beauty is inside."
CNET - Philip Wong
"Purists should find the Light Harmonic's DAC's ultra-low noise power supply a welcomed feature..."
CEPro - Robert Archer
"With the music industry evolving from a medium of physical discs into a world of digital downloads and cloud computing products like the newly introduced Da Vinci digital-to-analog converter (DAC) take on a greater importance.

"Light Harmonic's latest DAC is engineered to provide audio enthusiasts with a state-of-the-art digital audio solution that incorporates a contemporary industrial design that matches its performance."

The LH Labs Team

Larry Ho, Lead Electronics Engineer
Always challenging the status quo. This is Larry's forth major no-compromise audio component project.
Gavin Fish, Marketing & Communications Lead
The nerdiestest market communicator in the greater Sacramento area. Gavin is LH Lab's campaign architect and lead communicator.
Mark S. Brasfield, Analog Circuit Designer
Another one of those guys who likes to challenge the status quo. Mark is the co-founder and former chief designer of MSB Technology, another remarkable high end DAC manufacturer.
Juha Salmela, Mechanical Engineer
Our resident go cart racer. Juha always has the best ideas when he's on a track going 110 MPH.
Raymond Lei, Industrial Designer
Raymond is doing his best to make Geek Wave his 3rd iF design award or second RedDot design award winner.
Casey Hartwell, Online Media Lead
Social media enthusiast. Record Facebook session without going to the bathroom: 51 hours, 22 minutes. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.

The Support Crew

We recognize and thank the following Geek Force members for their amazing assistance as we prepared to launch the "Geek Wave Reboot."
Product Definition
Josh Junker
John R
Michael de la Cruz
Gery Mayes
Thomas Tsai
J Exby
Rob Lawlis
Market Definition and Campaign Content
Vedantham Srinivas
Simon D
Justin Essig
Andy Quah
Chin Yung Yaw
Andrew Cochrane
Charles Thom


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