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***Update Pluggy Lock Twist and GO!

I don't know how I forgot to make a post for Pluggy, however better late then never. Pluggy is something many people have been looking for, whether you want something to attach the phone to your person, or you want a place to attach a charm. Pluggy is the most secure way to attach something to your mobile device. It is universal and will work on almost anything that has a headset jack( 3.5mm), iPod, mobile phones, Gameboy, iPad, etc. With just about 2hrs remaining they have blown past their funding goal. Hurry up and back them to get your hands on Pluggy before it hits the stores.  If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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Successfully funded! If you missed their campaign on kickstarter you can pre-order you Pluggy on their main site here I can't wait for mine and I will post up a review once I get it! 

It enables you to anchor your device easily wherever you want thanks to the headphone hole. For all smartphones and tablets.

Hi guys, we are back here! We are trying again with a smaller goals that will enable us to reach our goal really quickly. This is possible thanks to our suppliers who have agreed to strongly reduce the minimum production. This is amazing and will allow us to produce the first Pluggy Lock. 

 Unfortunately all of us at least once have dropped, lost or, just do not know where to leave their smartphone
 The industry has tried to solve the problem by proposing systems of all shapes and sizes trying to hook the device to your neck, tied to your belt or arm etc etc. 
 At the moment all of these products, however, are not efficient from both a technical and aesthetic point of view. 
 Every device is different, therefore, a good system for a specific model is not necessarily valid for another.

 We have been thinking of a universal system that would allow to achieve a firm link to the device, non-invasive and especially nice to see.

 After some attempts, we managed to develop a outstanding, unique and universal system, the PLUGGY-LOCK. 

It is very simple to use: the PLUGGY-LOCK fits into the headphone hole and all you have to do is screw it in. Just a couple of turns and pluggy is firmly in!
This is a patented system that allows us to hook our smartphones or tablets to:
  • Lanyard
  • Key chains
  • Pendants
  • Touch pens
  • Bags
Using your imagination, you can also find other ways to use this incredible innovation...

 In particular, PLUGGY-LOCK's shape allows it to anchor onto a special magnetic base called “SELFIE-DOCK”,  designed and created for it.
It can be used for:
  • Selfie application
  • Stop motion application
  • Videoconference
  • Watch videos
  • Anchor your device to steel surfaces

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 All components of the PLUGGY-LOCK are designed to make it compact and functional, and above all unique.
Pluggy’s oval shape reminds us of aeronautical structures and the CAP​​, that looks like a time-capsule, works with magnetic retention!
This makes the PLUGGY-LOCK a cool gadget you can’t do without.
We also thought of giving pluggy a color thus integrating it better to  your smartphone.

 The component that holds the PLUGGY-LOCK to the device is the rubber element in the center. It is deformed into the earphone jack when the pluggy is screwed; on the contrary it returns to its original shape when the pluggy is unscrewed.  
We have patented this system to make it exclusive for PLUGGY-LOCK.

Tests in laboratory have shown an effort of about 7 lbs [3.2 Kg] to take a PLUGGY-LOCK out of the headphone hole of an Apple iPhone
 To remove this great product just unscrew counterclockwise the pluggy, pull as if you would remove the headphone hole and put it in its MAGNETIC CAP.

 PLUGGY-LOCK is compatible with Apple iPhone and iPad (all models), Android Phones,  Nokia Phones, BlackBerry, Tablets and all devices equipped with a 3,5mm headphone hole  (Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, etc).

 After careful analysis we made a few prototypes of PLUGGY-LOCK in our garage and distributed them to our best friends to test them on their smartphones.
After 2 months the testing phase  gave us great results, awarding us the final version of PLUGGY-LOCK that we would like to produce. 

 The quality of the final product is very important for us, so we have already identified and contacted the best companies that will produce the PLUGGY-LOCK for us, trying to obtain the best price in order to make it accessible to everyone. 
The cost of each pluggy is low but the minimum order quantity makes it difficult for us on our own. 
For this reason we are asking for your help to make pluggy  available to everyone.

  • 2013 Oct 10 | The idea PLUGGY-LOCK is born.
  • Oct 11 - Nov 5 | We built the first prototypes tested on Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Nokia Lumia.
  • Nov 6 - Nov 23 | We presented the documents for the patent. 
  • Nov 24 - 2014 Jan 31 | PLUGGY-LOCK is tested.
  • Feb 1 - Mar 24  | We contacted suppliers for the production of PLUGGY-LOCK.
  • Apr 16 - Jun 25 | We started here on kickstarter.
  • Jun 30 - Aug 22 | We will start the production of PLUGGY-LOCK.
  • Aug 25 - Sep 05 | Quality control and assembly. 
  • Sep 08 | We’ll send the product.

  •  We have been working on this project for now four months and nothing has been left out. 
    We tested the PLUGGY-LOCK on dozens of different devices, contacted the best manufacturers to optimize costs and time of manufacturing and packaging. We chose the most suitable packaging for this innovative project and we can finally say that we are ready for mass production.
    But we need your help...

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