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Silent Beacon: Alert & track people in emergencies

Take a look at Silent Beacon an emergency alert device that can share your exact gps location with family and emergency responders. Silent Beacon has no monthly fees and connects to your mobile phone. Take a look at all the great features below and If you decide to back them, please use this link and leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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Silent Beacon allows you to instantly alert, contact and track your loved ones during an emergency!

SILENT BEACON is the only wearable device that can instantly notify all loved ones, emergency personnel, or 911 with one press of a button accompanied with your real time GPS location!

The SILENT BEACON is the only wearable device that can instantly notify all loved ones, emergency personnel and/or 911 of your emergency situation by sending alerts via text, email, push notification with your exact GPS location.  The person who hits the alert can also verbally communicate through the device itself.

The Silent Beacon is a wearable, waterproof, rechargeable, Bluetooth device that connects to Smartphones and allows for real-time GPS alerts that are delivered to loved ones and medical personnel in an emergency.  A lot of campaigns are for tracking objects that can be replaced, Silent Beacon helps you find things that are invaluable, like family, friends and pets.

Through our patent pending Bluetooth device, we have the ability to give our customers an instant way to contact help - with the push of a button - regardless of the situation or circumstance. 

The application itself, coupled with the real time tracking component, allows the user to be located by anyone (pre stored as an emergency contact) in less then 5 seconds.  This quick efficient process ensures the safety of the users and offers family and friends some much needed peace of mind.

Here is a great article on Silent Beacon from Gadget Flow!
Silent Beacon on Gadget Flow


As we point out in the video presentation, we are at the point where we need to money to have this mass produced.  Certifications, Tooling and the packaging is all part of this cost and it is needed so that we may manufacture Silent Beacon to the marketplace.

The size is small and sleek

The Silent Beacon uses the most up-to-date technology, allowing users to integrate the device with their smartphones - eliminating the need for landlines. Best of all, we plan to deliver this product more affordably than the dinosaur styled 'alert' systems of the past, without the steep monthly fees, lengthy contracts, and expensive activation charges.

*We plan to offer a call center option that will be OPTIONAL. For those who will feel more secure with a call center handling your emergencies this is for you. All other features still work with this additional feature.

With over a year of work and a team of over 20 people the Silent Beacon app has been fine tuned to assure your message is seamlessly delivered to its recipients. Our application allows users to see up to the second tracking of any of their loved ones who have pressed the button on the Silent Beacon. 

It is EASY as 1-2-3 to find loved ones who need your assistance with the Silent Beacon App!


Currently the Silent Beacon is 40mm x 8mm this will slightly change as we finalize the shell and components once the indiegogo campaign is completed.

The need for a device with Silent Beacon’s capability has never been greater, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s violent crime and accident statistics become more shocking every day. Consider these alarming facts:
  • Every 26 seconds, someone becomes the victim of a violent crime. These attacks range from forced rape to aggravated assault. A sexual assault occurs every 2 minutes. More than 50% of these assaults take place within a one-mile radius of the victim’s home – or at home. Even more disturbing is the fact that only 12% of these attacks ever lead to an arrest.
  • Every day, 2,300 people go missing, and this number includes abductions. Of those missing people, very few (if any) are found using their cell phones. Why? By law, when attempting to track a missing person via cellphone, you must subpoena his or her cell phone company for access to the last known 'ping'. This process wastes valuable time.
  • An automobile accident occurs every 6 seconds in the U.S., with a fatality from driving every 16 minutes. Due to the difficulty of pinpointing someone’s exact location while driving, the Silent Beacon ensures that medical personnel and family members know exactly where a user is – and can reach that person quickly.
The following crime clock is another sobering reminder that the Silent Beacon is needed.

As a society, we need a faster and more reliable method to help those in need. Silent Beacon boasts the perfect balance of innovation and integration to help decrease the victim rate and increase safety within our communities. The following crime clock is another sobering reminder that the Silent Beacon is needed. Please help us in funding this revolutionary product, while keeping our community safe and lowering the crime rate! Friendster and Trackr Bravo both utilize bluetooth 4.0, we use both 3.0 and 4.0 to create a larger range of alert possibilities.

Free Silent Beacon app for every backer!
Free Silent Beacon app for every backer!


Senior Citizens / Baby Boomers. It is a well-documented fact that over 7 million seniors fall each year. With over 10,000 Americans becoming seniors daily, our product reaches an ever-growing market. 

Women and Children. Women and children face many risks in life and are more likely to be the victims of a crime than men due to their perceived vulnerabilities. The Silent Beacon will help them in the event that they encounter a dangerous or life-threatening situation and need immediate assistance (or to be found) in a hurry.

People with Medical Conditions. Regardless of age, those who have physical disabilities and conditions such as MS, physical and mental handicaps, epilepsy, diabetes, etc. will benefit from the Silent Beacon’s ability to connect with medical personnel or loved ones in just seconds.

Teenagers. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for this age group, and younger drivers (ages 16-19) are more likely than older drivers (ages 20 and up) to be involved in a fatal collision. Many parents would value a device that allows them to contact and track their children in a way that a cell phone alone cannot. 

Outdoorsmen, Those with High-Risk Occupations, and People Who Live Alone.For those involved in solitary pursuits like jogging or hiking, the Silent Beacon is an invaluable device. A person with a high-risk occupation like a security guard or bank teller – and even someone who lives alone – will enjoy the ability to have added security and help when needed.

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### UPDATES ###
We will be working to have the application work on Windows phones. It appears as Windows 8.1 allows for bluetooth 4.0, so we will be eager to work with Windows and make sure our application works with it as soon as we launch!
Thursday July 31th Silent Beacon update:

Wednesday July 30th Silent Beacon update:
Indiegogo keeps showing our old perks that were taken down a while ago.  do not use the 135 Couples, or the AC 30, or the 110...  Use the 100 and 120 for 2 devices and the 60 for one device.  Sorry for this... no clue why they will not update correctly.

Tuesday July 29th Silent Beacon update:
We were featured today on the cover of Indiegogo's newsletter!  Very exciting news indeed.  We were able to pass our goal and we have begun the process to send the funds to the manufacture!  Here is our extreme sport promo.

Monday July 28th Silent Beacon update:
We have made enough from this indiegogo campaign to be able to give the down payment to our manufacture!  We are so thankful we can get the ball rolling now.  Thank you all so much!
Monday July 21st Silent Beacon update:


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