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MaximusLife Goal setting made visual, digital and fun for life & work

   A new way to motivate yourself and track everything you do on a daily bases. Set goals and share achievements with friends and family. Take a look at thier product below and If you decide to back them, please use this link leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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MaximusLife is the first to make your goals visual, fun, wearable and easily tracked on your mobile. Greatness Awaits!

The Pioneer in a New Category of Technology for Your Life, Your Career and Your Well Being

Pick Your Goals (Quests), Sync to Life & Work, Build Digitally! The Only Whole Person, Whole Life Engagement Platform for Mobile!

Everything else is on yesterday's technology. What if tackling your goals in life & work were this fun, this visual and this rewarding?             

UPDATEWe are building this for you and we have heard your feedback. To give everyone a chance to experience the tool we have introduced a whole new set of perks. Get excited! You can even get it free below...
How does FREE sound? Learn More 

MaximusLife combines visual life, wellness & corporate goals with the first ever Digital Timeline that empowers you to build a showcase of greatness. Start your quest, sync to life & work and build your digital timeline everywhere you go! You can even watch the fun unfold on the leaderboards! 
Maximus (derived from the Latin word for Greatest) takes the goals we are all aiming at in life and work and makes them visual and easily trackable and syncs with your everyday to build a digital timeline that follows us the rest of our life & career.

Everything else is on yesterday's technology. What if tackling your goals in life & work were this fun, this visual and this rewarding?                  

We've taken three things individuals and companies struggle with and created a new category of people technology that comes with perks:
  1. Goal Setting 
  2. Motivating Ourselves/Our Teams (Engagement for HR folks)
  3. Giving Feedback & Recognition (360s, Performance Management, etc.) 
Maximus provides tools to track progress while connecting users to all the resources needed along the journey. The best part is you get a digital timeline that follows you your whole life/career and not a company specific platform that disappears over time. Employers who really want to engage their people invest in their whole life.  

Each user receives a customized map based on their individual goals/quests, personal core values, interest/passions and their reward/recognition preferences. Upon launching quests, users are connected to virtual quests experts and allies that boost productivity and provide help along the journey. All of the fun and games lead to a visual story of wins we call a digital career timeline. Oh yes, and don't forget the perks! 

Goal-setting just got a whole lot more fun and rewarding. 

Pick from pre-built Quests designed SMART by RevolutionHR based on your job title, or create your own in less than 5 minutes. Either way you go,  you're going to love the visual stimulation of Life on Quests! MaximusLife begins with Quests, but we don't stop there! 

Sync-up the technology you use everyday to align life and work with visual Quests

Introducing Maximus to your goals will be the smartest and the easiest step you will take toward greatness this year and by far the most fun! We've designed Maximus to integrate directly with your devices, apps and other programs. It’s time we went beyond the typical 9 to 5 and took control of our own performance using devices we love…AND put all the technology to work for us in ways that count. 
We are teaming up with the best-of-breed devices and apps all to give you one central location for greatness. We'll have surprise exclusives for backers along the way. Let's put all the goods to work for you and show in one place (that happens to earn you rewards). 
Misfit Wearables's Shine Activity Tracker (sold in Best Buy and Apple) is our featured launch partner included in the perks with exclusives for any backers. 

Introducing an industry first Digital Timeline that will ignite your greatness into a visual explosion!

Take everything you are already doing and track it visually and digitally on the latest technology. Maximus features a digital timeline that allows you to quickly show where you’ve been, the awards/feedback you’ve received along the way and the skills you’ve mastered in getting there.  Don't rely on words on a page to keep you motivated, and don't rely on your resume to standout in the masses of peers lined up for that promotion:  Maximus brings it all to life! 

The Icing on the App!

With Greatness Comes Perks and Giving-Back!

That's right!  We don't stop with just making you great at what you do.  We offer Perks along the journey! Your team will love this part! If you have a favorite charity or want to adopt one in 2014,  use Maximus' integration with tools like Charity Navigator to foster a culture of giving-back! 
Allies, Mentors and Sponsors open the way for points that are geared specific to the individual through reward preferences. Do you know what your direct reports prefer to do on the weekend? Does your boss know your reward preferences (beyond cash of course)? Maximus knows!

HR Gurus: MaximusLife offers a new way to track engagement with actual activity and growth (not just a survey)! 

A big win for HR with Maximus is that all the fun and growth provides the ability to measure employee engagement without having to rely solely on annual surveys or 360s. Join the revolution of tracking engagement in a new way that proves we are all growing and actively helping others.
We put the power in the hands of the people,  and that's a win for everyone... Especially HR folks!

Put your limited budget to use on more than a survey tool! 

Greatness is Daily Growth, and it Includes Coaching and Helping Others 

You only reach true success by helping others reach it for themselves. Maximus helps you act on that truth!  Sign-up to coach in an area of life/work you have mastered or simply help through providing forward looking feedback as a mentor or ally. Oh, and yes you earn perks for helping others through what Maximus calls "Assist." Maximus also comes with virtual 1:1 coaching. Beat that with a 360 review! 
For each new milestone you reach we tell you what the next step is. We believe these feedback loops are the key to reaching goals. Maximus coaching gradually incorporates progress into your Digital Timeline with daily reports and personalized advice to support your efforts. These insights are sent at the right time to keep you focused and motivated.

Caution: Greatness is Highly Contagious if Shared Digitally!

Build & share the greatness while proving it to yourself with your own personal showcase and Digital Timeline that follows you from the office to the beach and beyond. Maximus knows you are great, and we need your help to prove it!
Why We Need YOU (yes YOU) to Play a Part in this Revolution?
It's really simple, FIRST OF ALL IT'S BUILT FOR YOU and we want to know you're behind us. We need to prove to HR & Tech that there is a market for tools like this that focus on growing the individual end-user in life and work (not just surveys and HR admin technology). AND we're putting every dollar donated into making the tool better than we already have. We've designed MaximusLife to keep up with all the things you are already using daily, and that takes a lot of time, people and a killer team who's passionate about making you great at what you do.  

If Greatness is Not Enough for You, There are Perks Too!

We built this for the people and to prove that people want tools that focus on them as individuals (not just corporate systems). Your support gives you access, but more importantly by showing people are behind us it will change how work-life tools are developed for people like you forever!
  Add $50 to any perk level and get a Nike-Dri Fit Shirt to show your support to     End the Disengagement Epidemic. See the petition click here

I-Pad Display of Quest Activity Dashboard: The Only Way to Track Career Goals

I-Phone Display of Today's Quest Feed: The Only Way to Integrate Life & Work Digitally (and earn rewards)

Pre-orders on Indiegogo get exclusive perks with our launch partner Misfit Wearables Shine (with Sportband)

Misfit Shine's Activity Tracker Images is a partner in our launch. See perks for special deals including the Shine (sold in Apple and Best Buy).

You have to move towards greatness. One step at a time! Get your team moving with MaximusLife and a Shine Wearable Activity Tracker! 

Greatness now in Waterproof models with your own digital timeline included! 

Meet RevHR's MaximusLife Team Leads:


WHY Indiegogo?

We believe the concept of empowering people with tools for greatness in life and work—Life. Work. Greatness—is something everyone can get behind. Our team is passionate about making people great so it only makes sense to get people involved at the beginning. We want this to be a tool for the crowd and by the crowd, so we're putting the power in your hands. 
We've set a goal of $55,000, which will allow us to finish the initial features and make MaximusLife widely available as soon as Fall of 2014. For every $25,000 we earn over our goal we will add new features and surprises for backers. 
Development status and use of funds
We are continuing to develop and refine our technology for a wide range of applications. Our goal is to build the premier platform to collect your life and work experiences across all the apps and devices you already use. We are working vigorously to build out the integration pieces for best-of-breed devices and apps. Every dollar raised through Indiegogo will go directly to software improvement, API integration and feature set enhancements.
Future Plans
We love our life and work and we think everyone else should too. Our future is built around mobile technology platforms that fill the technology gaps impactive real people and real lives. We will continue to play a big part in making enterprise wearables more applicable and realistic here today. 
Continued development of MaximusLife will focus on the science behind what moves us all. Our research and other well know findings, show the following as vital founding elements to human motivation and what we call Greatness:
  1. Visual Science
  2. Positive Psychology
  3. Teams/Gamification
  4. Coaching & Mentoring

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