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RoVa3D The First 5 Material/Color Liquid Cooled 3D Printer

3D printing is still a growing industry and the team at ORD Solutions are making amazing machines! This is their second campaign on kickstarter and with only 16 days left they have surpassed their goal and are nearing their record for the first project. I would love to own one of these machines and I would definitely get it with five nozzles, support material, different colors, or even different materials, this printer can do it all. I have a 3D printing blog as well and I have 2 printers, both are by Printrbot a Printrbot Plus and a Simple( still having calibrating issues with this one atm). Unfortunately I don't have much time to use them, they both have one nozzle and the simple is pla and anything that doesn't need a heated bed, my plus has a heated bed and I got it from kickstarter. I would love a new upgraded machine and for those who can afford it I would recommend only this Rova3D! If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

Ps; If anyone would like to pledge for one and donate to us, that would be greatly appreciated..
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5 Color/Material 3D Printer w/ liquid cooling, all metal hot ends, aluminum frame, large build area, high torque motors, & steel gears


This Kickstarter project is to fund the development and delivery of the RoVa3D, a multi-nozzle 3D Printer from ORD Solutions. At ORD Solutions, we manufacture high quality, long life printers. We have many happy customers in the industrial, commercial, and hobby communities. Our printers are over-engineered to ensure that they will last for many years of constant printing. 
ORD Solutions is a Canadian company based in Cambridge, Ontario. 


In October of 2013, we ran our first Kickstarter for the MH3000R1 3D Printer. We raised over $100,000, and supplied printers to more than 50 individuals and companies. Those printers have been built and shipped, and are now in the hands of our Kickstarter backers. We have also sold additional printers of this model since our Kickstarter ended. We learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the project. 

What This Project is About

We think we can do even better. While the MH3000R1 is a superior printer, and contains many innovative and unique features, we have more ideas. We also want to apply some of the lessons we learned during this process. So we have designed the RoVa3D (previously labeled the MH3000R2). This new printer will contain everything special about the MH3000R1, including the following purpose built components and features:

In addition, the following new features will be added to the RoVa3D:

With our five nozzle printer, you can print an object with five different colors throughout the object without stopping to switch the filament. Or you could use three of the five nozzles for different colors, one larger nozzle for faster infilling, and one for a different support material. It's up to you! That is what we are offering in this Kickstarter. The chance to acquire a better 3D printer. 
The RoVa3D is not just a printer with more nozzles. It is a superior printing platform in every way. The extruders are side mounted, not on the X carriage, to reduce weight and increase speed. The hot ends are all metal so they can print at any temperature up to 450°C!, so you could print in any 3D filament material like polycarbonate or nylon or vinyl or alloys like carbon fiber PLA, plus of course the standard ABS and PLA plastics, and even more materials that have yet to be invented. The build volume is the largest in its class by 50%, providing an excellent price to volume ratio. Our printer is made of extremely sturdy, high quality components, which means it won't breakdown or wear out even if you are constantly using it.
Our printer ships fully assembled and ready to print right out of the box. And, in the unlikely event that your printer has a manufacturing defect, or if you should decide to upgrade your printer down the road, we will be here to support you with our Support Portal that is powered by the industry leading FreshDesk Customer Support software. 

Why you should buy the RoVa3D Printer 

Our printer is designed to withstand continuous use. If you are planning to do a lot of printing, or if you are building your business around 3D printing, you want a machine that will not break down at a crucial time. This is more than a hobby machine. It is built to high industrial standards of superior components. 

Here is a comparison of the 5 color version of our printer to our main competitors. You can see that our build volume is larger, the resolution is better, the number of printable filament types is greater, our cost is lower, and we can print more colors and material types at a time. 

You may be wondering why our price is so much lower than our nearest competitor. The main reason is that we don't have any middle men taking a cut. As well, the Kickstarter price for the RoVa3D is up to $500 lower than the equivalent version of our MH3000R1 right now on our web store. You get a lower price since delivery of these printers will be at the end of this year. And once these printers are generally available, the price will go back up to a price higher than the current web store price of the MH3000R1, so now is a very good time to get this great deal. Also, while we could price it higher, we want to give our Kickstarter supporters the best price ever for this printer. We don't want people who buy it later to pay less than the Kickstarter supporters do. 

How to Pledge 

So how can you get one of these great printers? Here is your choice of rewards:

Below is the a link to the pledge calculator. When you click this link you will be taken to a new window where you can calculate how much you should pledge for your printer. You will select:
  • How many print nozzles you want (from 1 to 5)
  • Where in the world you are having your printer shipped

Once you have your pledge amount, Click the "Back This Project" button at the top of this page, and enter the pledge amount in the "Pledge Amount" field. Then choose the reward that corresponds with your desired delivery date.
All prices are in Canadian dollars. Visit to calculate what this is in your currency. 
The amount of your pledge includes shipping to your door, but does not include VAT or other taxes, duties your country will charge (if any), and any fees associated with customs brokerage. Use a site like to calculate the likely costs of shipping from Canada to your country. 

Kickstarter Exclusives 

By pledging for a printer on this Kickstarter, you will receive the following Kickstarter bonuses. Some of these are Kickstarter exclusives, and some will be available on our web store for an additional fee, but Kickstarter backers get them all for free!
  • Up to $500 Savings on the Post-Kickstarter Printer Price
  • Free 1kg Spool of ABS or PLA Filament for each extruder you pledge for. So if you pledge for the maximum number of 5 extruders, you will receive 5 free 1kg spools of filament. You can choose from our 13 colors of stocked filament at the end of the Kickstarter campaign
  • High Torque Stepper Motors These will be available as an option on our post-Kickstarter printers, but we are including them for free on Kickstarter pledged printers (a $100 value) 
  • 7" Android Tablet This will be available as an option on our post-Kickstarter printers, but we are including a tablet for free with every 5 nozzle printer ($150 value). (Note that if you pledge for a printer with fewer than 5 nozzles, you can add this tablet to your reward by increasing your pledge by $125. Otherwise a 1 to 4 nozzle printer will not come with a tablet.)

Stretch Goals 

We have set our initial funding goal quite low. We have created some additional incentives for you if our funding reaches the following levels, so be sure to share this project with your entire network. In essence, we are rewarding you for helping us to promote this project. All prices in Canadian dollars.

To clarify, each time we pass one of the stretch goals, the associated reward will be added to your pledge. So, if we reach the $200,000 funding level, you will receive all 5 of the named rewards, which represent an additional $300 worth of value.

Project Milestones:

The schedule above is our best estimate right now for the latest we will be able to deliver your printer. If we deliver earlier, we hope you won't mind.


If you have read this far, then congratulations to you! If you want further reading, please check out the FAQs below, the Updates we are posting at the top of this page, and the Comments from other backers. And if you still have questions after reading all of that, feel free to use the "Contact Me" button near the upper right to send us your questions. We look forward to your pledge and hope you will join us and the ORD Solutions community.

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