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Pelty The Bluetooth Speaker Powered BY FIRE

An interesting spin on wireless speakers. Plenty is a bluetooth speaker powered by a small candle and if its as loud as they claim its pretty good. with 23 days left they are nearing the halfway point in their backing goal. Help make it happen for this project and If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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We will fulfill all the contribution, 100%, regardless the funds we raise!
Good feedback from people that saw and listened to our prototypes made us happy!
Please leave a comment above if you like Pelty too!

The First Bluetooth Speaker.. Powered By FIRE!

Hi everybody, this is Gianluca, Edoardo and Matteo from Milan (Italy) and we need your support to give birth to something original: PELTY
Pelty represents a technological revolution in the high-quality audio speakers’ market: it is the first Bluetooth speaker literally POWERED BY FIRE!
Yes, that's true! Pelty works transforming the thermal energy generated by the heat of a candle into the electric energy necessary to power-up the speakers, with an excellent audio quality!

Here's the power you get with Pelty! 96db .. comparable to any other speaker in commerce!!

Referral Campaign

We are running a referral campaign! Tell your friends!

Pelty's Story

In the summer 2012 Gianluca, an Italian engineer with a passion for electronics, was organizing an elegant dinner on his terrace for his fiancée. He needed some music to create the right mood, but he realized that his traditional bluetooth speaker wasn't appropriate for the occasion:
  1. It was made in plastic, so totally out of place for an elegant dinner
  2. It was out of power, and he couldn’t charge it on the terrace without troublesome and long wires
Since that night, Gianluca started to think to a functional, elegant, wireless and plastic-less audio speaker.
Looking at the candle, an old notion from engineering school came to his mind: the “Peltier effect”.
After 18 months of tests in his basement, the first rudimentary prototype of Pelty, the first Bluetooth speaker powered by fire, was born.

What We Did So Far...

After the first, very basic prototype assembled by Gianluca, we decided to set up a small company in Italy and we self-financed the registration of the patent.

Also, we covered the costs to improve the engineering and the design of the Pelty, making it as powerful and elegant we could, keeping in mind our goal of a very simple, functional device.
The prototyping phase took 6 months, as we had to face several issues with suppliers and improve Pelty’s efficiency.
We also self-financed the videos and pictures you see above (damn.. that's expensive!) for the Indiegogo campaign.

...And Why We Need Your Support!

We now need funds to get the project going.
The largest share of your donation will be used to rent a space where Pelty will be assembled and prepared for shipping.
Moreover, further R&D activity is needed: improvements in materials used and optimization of the components will be pursued, in order to improve Pelty’s performances.
You will also help us find an optimal packaging, that must be both safe and environment-friendly (we don't want to use any polluting material).
Besides that, thanks to your support, we will be able to participate to a startup fair here in Italy, to show the first prototypes of Pelty to a crowd of journalists and other interested people. And eventually, organize some more events!
Finally, we need funds to make further tests on prototypes and get CE certification (you will get updates on how tests go).


PELTY's Audio Quality is GOOOOOD!
Listen to Adele with Pelty!

Pelty is a solid, well engineered, premium quality device. The speaker is one of the most reliable in the market, and will last as long as any other speaker you know.
Candle = Power. Pelty works with almost every candle. You will get instructions on how to place the candle and what is the minimum size of the candle to be used, but that's pretty much it! With the right candle, Pelty's loudness it totally comparable to any other bluetooth speaker!
A candle lasts up to 5 hours, but Pelty can work as long as you want.
Loudness of Your Pelty is already comparable to any other docking station! But we want to improve it to give you the best audio quality possible, please help us by supporting the project!
The speaker data:
- Full Range 3''
nominal impedance 8 Ohm
- Nominal Power Handling 12 W rms 
- Resonant Frequenct: 125 Hz; 
This is the current prototype Frequency Curve,


Pelty is an elegant device with a refined taste addressing all the people willing to stand out from the idea that technology needs batteries, wires and an electrical plug.
It’s designed for music-lovers willing to have an excellent audio quality and for design-lovers willing to be surrounded by original devices. 
Pelty is very easy to be used. Place the lit candle, wait a few seconds, and it is ready to connect to any Bluetooth device, like smartphones and tablets, from which the customer can easily change track and set the volume.
Pelty works very well. It is perfect to listen to your music at home or outdoor, creating the right environment for your moments of relax and leisure.

Eco-friendly and Hand-Made in Italy
The world is invaded by digital music and technological devices for music playback, such as wireless speakers; however they are cold digital devices, usually made by metal and plastic.
They are very far from what the music has always represented: feelings and emotions, to live in intimacy or to share with the group.
The fire in a brazier or the flame of a candle has always warmed the body and soul of people, making them think, discuss, pray, laugh and dream.
This is the revolutionary aspect of Pelty: it combines these two elements, the magic of the flame and the poetry of music, since the latter is generated by the energy of the first.
Moreover, only natural materials are used: ceramic, glass and wood.. premium quality materials that make Pelty an elegant, precious device! (no cheap plastic here!)
Ceramic, in particular, is used on the one hand because of its resistance to heat and the excellent acoustic and insulation properties and on the other hand because it’s an elegant and natural premium quality material that perfectly matches the concept of Pelty. Ceramic is hand-made in Italy, as well as the glass,

Design, colours and personalizations

Pelty is an object with unique, minimalist and elegant design, for every ambient.
It is available in the following colours:
With the Personalized Pelty perk you will have the opportunity to write Your name or a short sentence on the ceramic!
We will contact you via email for colors and personalizations!
Watch and share our 30seconds teaser!

Where Can You Use It?

Pelty can be used everywhere a candle can be lit; from your city flat to a lake cottage, from a beach to a mountain chalet. At home, it will amaze your friends, and create romantic atmospheres with your partner!

It perfectly fits restaurants with a romantic and classy ambient, allowing clients to listen to their own music; it’s also perfect for design hotels, SPAs and wellness centers.

Cool! ..but.. How Does Pelty Works?

Pelty works transforming the thermal energy generated by the heat of a candle into the electric energy necessary to power-up the speakers.

The technological heart of Pelty is the TEG (Thermo Electric Generator), also called “Peltier cooler” from the name of the inventor that, in the 19th century, discovered the physical principle according to which electric energy passing through two metals generates a difference in heat (and viceversa, a difference in temperature generates electricity).
The secret of Pelty, however, lies in the engineering of its components. The Peltier cooler is very inefficient (that’s why you never heard about it!) and just a very high difference of temperature is able to generate enough electric power to turn the speaker on. The space inside the Pelty and its components are designed to maximize this difference in temperature.
Everything is positioned inside the ceramic vase accordingly, thanks to wood and ceramic frames. The external glass is also engineered to maximize the power generated by the TEG, because several holes let fresh air get into the system from below, while warm air gets out from above.
If you want to know more (let's say everything!) about Pelty, please choose the Curious Supporter perk, and you will get a brochure with all the info you’re looking for!

Why "Pelty"?

When we had to choose the name of the project we thought it had to be original, short, easy to remember and simple to pronounce in Italian and English.

We asked ourselves what was the technological heart of the device, what really transforms fire into music, and we realized that it was the Peltier cooler. We therefore decided to pay homage to the inventor of this technology, and Pelty immediately seemed the perfect name!

Born in Mantova, he studied and worked between Milan, Venice and Verona, before settling down in a lovely town on the Garda lake.
After graduating in aerospace engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he spends some years developing sport motorbikes in a famous Italian company; after completing an MBA, he is now head of R&D in an automotive company, where Matteo also works.
However, his passions are still the same: on one hand innovation and technology, on the other hand design, painting and music. His goal was to create something unique that includes technology, design and poetry, something with a deeply Italian soul: Pelty.
Born in Turin, professionally grown in Milan, he is defined “peace-less” by his close friends. After boring but formative years in investment banking (where he meets Matteo) and investment funds, he decided to make some experience abroad and lived 15 months in Barcelona (Spain) doing an MBA and 6 months in Singapore, as a base to explore the Asian continent, where he gets involved in the development of several startups; back to Milan in 2011, he decides to commit to this sector by setting up Embed Capital, a small advisory firm focused on innovative non-digital startups. He gets involved in the Pelty project by Matteo, and decides that the idea is crazy enough to be supported.

Matteo was born in a small countryside town on the Como lake.
Thanks to his attitude towards scientific subjects, he graduates at Politecnico di Milano in aerospace engineering, but soon realizes that he has an entrepreneurial and financial mindset; after a MSc, he makes work experiences in financial institutions (where he meets Edoardo) and several industrial companies, in Italy and abroad. He currently works in an automotive company with Gianluca, the inventor of Pelty.

Feel free to ask more about Pelty:!
If you have special requests (for example if you need a gift card) let us know!
 Thank you for sharing and supporting us
Best Regards,Gianluca,EdoardoMatteo
Update 21 June 2014: Pelty participated to Expodellestartup, a startup fair in Milan, and raised a lot of interest from people that had the opportunity to watch it and listen to it!!
Please support us so that we can improve the Pelty and deliver it to you asap!
Update 23 June 2014:
Referral Campaign!
Today we decided to launch a reward/referral campaign for Pelty!
If you support us by getting a Pelty, you will also get ONE FREE BOX OF CANDLE for every 3 people that get a Pelty thanks to you! 
And you will get a FREE B/W PELTY every 10 people that get a Pelty thanks to you! 
Remind them to mention you when they get contacted by us for the choice of the color!
Help spread the voice!

Update 24 June:
New Video!
Update 30 June
Thanks to the first contributions, we were able to order and test several speakers! We are now convinced that we found the perfect one
The speaker is a Full Range 3'', nominale impedance 8 Ohm, Nominal Power Handling 12 W rms, Resonant Frequenct: 125 Hz; This is the current prototype Frequency Curve,


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