Monday, August 4, 2014

Bunch O Balloons: 100 Water Balloons in Less Than 1 Minute

It's one of those, "Why didn't I think of that" moments, something so simple yet it took this long for someone to make it a reality. Take a look below and If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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Fill and tie hundreds of water balloons in minutes with our attachment that comes ready-to-go, no preparation necessary!

We launched on Kickstarter to raise some seed funding and test the market for a fun little invention. Obviously the response has been greater than we could have dreamed, resulting in worldwide demand for the product. Thus, we have adjusted our goals and plans accordingly.
For every dollar pledged, we will spend $.70 on rewards and expenses, and we’ll put $.30 toward improving production. If we get to $1.67M, that will provide for a $500,000 deposit on a multi-million dollar automated assembly line. That way we can deliver Bunch O Balloons to retail outlets and e-commerce sites all around the world. We still need your help to make it happen – please select a pledge on the right AND get Bunch O Balloons before anyone else!
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It is time to bring your water balloon fights to the next level with Bunch O Balloons - the hose attachment with 37 pre-connected balloons that automatically fill and tie themselves! This system makes it easy for kids of all ages to prepare 100 water balloons in just ONE minute, giving you enough water balloon ammo for any battle.

 Forget the trials of filling and tying countless individual balloons, Bunch O Balloons takes all the hassle of preparing for a water fight and lets you just enjoy the fun! Simply secure the pre-packaged attachment to a hose and you’ll have 100 water balloons ready to use in one minute. We promise it’s truly that easy, see the steps below:

Bunch O Balloons is the simplest, easiest and best solution for kids, families and organizations of all types to have legendary water balloon fights!

How Do We Stack Up to the Competition?

The Uses Are Limitless

Families - Bunch O Balloons is a must-have for all families. From a spontaneous afternoon family water fight, a huge neighborhood-wide war, an annual family reunion battle or some other form of water balloon combat - make sure your family is prepared for attack with an arsenal of water balloons by using Bunch O Balloons. Not only will this system help you come out the victor (creating 100 water balloons in 1 minute), just think of all the fun memories you’ll create with these water balloon fights!
Parties & Events - From BBQs to pool parties to family reunions, Bunch O Balloons is a must-have for summertime fun! Not only is it a great activity that kids will love, Bunch O Balloons makes it easy for young ones to fill and tie the balloons all by themselves - no adult help required! Plus, a water fight is great for the whole party to join in on. Whether you choose to do kids vs. adults, girls vs. boys or sort teams by colors, you can’t beat a full-on water balloon fight during the summer! Not to mention, balloon tosses and field-day style games will benefit from this new balloon-filling device.
Organizations - No matter if you are in charge of a scout troop, sports team or another organization, what better way to reward the kids than with a huge water balloon fight? Bunch O Balloons takes all the hassle out of filling and tying the ammo for the water war, making it an easy way to give your kids a fun day they’ll love!
Businesses - Let’s be real, no one truly outgrows their love for a good water balloon fight, water balloon toss or any other creative outdoor game involving water balloons! Not only is it a great bonding experience for the team, it is also a fun escape from work and makes employees feel young again because they can just let loose! By taking the time to schedule fun events for your employees, they will appreciate the company and stay loyal. Plus, show off your businesses’ awesome workplace environment by sharing photos on the website and social media.

Manufacturing Timeline

With our timeline, early bird backers will get their reward before summer is over.
July 2014 to September 2014: Manual line with capacity of 200 packs (20,000 balloons) per day
October 2014 to March 2015: Semi-automated line with capacity of 2,000 packs (200,000 balloons) per day
April 2015: Automated Line with capacity of 20,000 packs (2 million balloons) per day

Pre-order your Bunch O Balloons Today!

Why Kickstarter?

Our kids love water balloons, but the hours we wasted filling and tying balloons really sucked all the fun out of it. But, with help from my entire family, we developed Bunch O Balloons, the best, fastest and most effective solution to preparing for a water balloon fight.
Now that the design is complete, Bunch O Balloons is ready for mass production! By backing Bunch O Balloons on Kickstarter, the funds we raise will go towards purchasing the equipment we need to bring this must-have summer fun toy to families everywhere.
Be sure to be one of the first backers to get your Bunch O Balloons so that YOU have the advantage in your next water balloon fight!

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