Saturday, August 30, 2014

3D Pocketcopter - the flying camera

Recently there have been an explosion of drones/flying camera projects on both Kickstarter and indiegogo, for the public. This a new take on such a device, its a mini helicopter with its own camera ( no need to mount a gopro, or any other portable camera) it can be controlled by almost any smartphone or tablet. The Pocketcopter has a 10m range with HD recording and pictures, just imagine what you can do with something this small.  If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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The world`s smallest flying camera. Be creative and take pictures or videos however you want

We want to present you our new little Fun Gadget for smartphones.
This is a small helicopter in pen form which allows pictures or videos to be taken from a height of up to 10 metres in HD format from all possible perspectives.

Why we came up with the idea?

During a party, we wanted to take a few photos but not those that you would normally take .... some from different angles.
But we were too stupid to know how to do this. So we were climbing on furniture and walls and anything else we could find which could have been dangerous
and breaking things in the process.

We had been thinking about a simpler and safer way of doing this.
A look on the internet revealed that there are various options in the form of small helicopters or multicopters but these were very unwieldy.
Finally  we  came up with the idea of designing a small Pocketcopter in pen form which  can be taken with you as a small gadget in your pocket anywhere you go
 and easily connect to your Smartphone to take pictures and videos wherever you are.

Inspired by this video

This video is in german but it shows why we came up with this idea

For who is this gadget is useful?

Well, this question is easy to answer. For Everyone! Anyone who loves to take pictures or videos can take advantage of and enjoy the extra dimension offered by the Pocketcopter.
The Pocketcopter is very versatile. Whether for holidays, parties, business or just for fun.
And  if you want to use it other than in flight mode the rotors can be folded in and the device used as a hand held camera or attached to a helmet.

Taking Pictures or Videos and Sharing on Social Networks

The Pocketcopter gives you many options for taking pictures or videos and allows you to share to your favourite social network.

How does the Pocketcopter work?

The Pocketcopter itself is powered by a 12V battery (rechargeable or replaceable) and is controlled via the touch screen of your smartphone.

The connection is via WiFi (similar to the remote control of the GoPro) or Bluetooth.
Due to the fact that, although the rotor arms are fixed one above the other, each spins in the opposite direction to the other thus achieving stability
 and ensuring quiet recordings.

Should the Pocketcopter lose the connection to the smartphone it automatically floats slowly to the ground.

The software interfaces will allow the pictures or videos taken to be instantly shared directly on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


  • Height about 19 cm
  • Diameter about 4.5 cm
  • 12V rechargeable
  • 3D HD camera
  • Range about 10 meters
  • Rotor blades removable
  • Previous tests showed that the running time of a fully charged battery is about 6 hours (camera) and 25 min flight time.
  • Storage Medium: Micro SD card

Blue, Yellow and Black

Cool Things You Can Do

Our team

  • Thomas, 37 years old, Mobile Application developer, creator and team leader.
  • Mike, 39 years old - micro-electrician, humourist and entertainer
  • Ricardo, he refuses to tell his age but we know that he is 33 years old - designer, photographer and traveller.

Why do we need your help!

We are at a standstill and cannot continue without financial support. Because we are just in normal employment and have families to support we have no further means of funding this project and therefore ask for your support.
The money is needed for hardware as well as for the creation of the case.

Where will the funds go?
  • Engineering
  • Hardware
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping

 Currently we don’t have a fully working prototype, the photos in campaign are computer renderings of what we envision the device to look like.

How else can I help?
 Use the links above to share our campaign with your friends and followers.

When is it possble to complete the Pocketcopter?

With your help, we can bring out the first working prototype by the beginning of next year.
The official completion should be, May 2015.


Does the Pocketcopter work with all smartphones? 
At the moment we are working on the Android version. But the aim is that the Pocketcopter will work on all phones (iOS, Android and Windows).

What will the finished Pocketcopter cost?

According to our research and anticipated development costs the Pocketcopter is expected to cost € 99.

Can i use the Pocketcopter in any weather?

We don't expect the Pocketcopter to maintain its position in stormy weather. However, we will make the Pocketcopter water resistant.

Can the battery be replaced?

Update: We have to use a stronger battery and this will not be replaceable.
Help make it happen
for 3D Pocketcopter - the flying camera and Thomas Pagel!

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