Thursday, August 14, 2014 Your Personal Drink ID

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The most accurate and innovative way to protect your drink from date rape drugs. is a small battery-operated device that, when immersed in a beverage, will identify whether the drink has been drugged. relies on proven technology that has been used by drug enforcement agencies, such as the U.S. DEA, for years.  We started with that technology, (costing tens of thousands of dollars) as our base, then re-engineered and designed it to be user-friendly and affordable. 

Every fluid or drink is made up of a spectrum of molecular components. 

Once immersed, the collects a tiny sample of the fluid in its reservoir.

It then performs three different tests to identify the drink and its components.

Although extremely high tech in function, is very easy to use. Simply dip, wait a few seconds and the LED light will indicate if your drink has been drugged.
The can also pair and function in tandem with your smart phone, accessing an extensive database of drink profiles and alerting you with a text or call that your drink has been tampered with. is a piece of technology, but it’s actually so much more.
It’s about personal protection, feeling secure and it’s about empowering our daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, spouses, partners, friends, coworkers and ourselves to be safe in an often unsafe world.
In North America, 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. 25% of those assaults are facilitated by alcohol or compounds known as Date Rape Drugs. 
Drugging drinks is a global issue that must be stopped - and if it can’t be, then we must prevent it. is a means to do just that.

Anyone, of any age, any sex, who is having a drink in a bar, at a social event, sporting event, work party, school or even house parties.

Yes, we are here to raise funds. But even more importantly we want to raise awareness about a global crisis that often goes unreported and unacknowledged.
We ask that you talk about it, share our campaign and spread the word about our cause and to be a part of the solution.
We also really value the power of early adopters in best determining the direction this device is heading. We’d love to get your feedback on the shape, style, colour options and anything else you think would add value and help shape’s final version. Please post your comment in the tab above and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Our goal is to raise $50,000. This will enable us to get out to market within six months at a per item cost of $75. A successful campaign will provide us the funds to finalize the design and functionality to create a tool that enhances everyone’s personal safety.

Our fundraising goal is $50,000. Once we exceed this amount, our efforts will be dedicated to add the following functionality to

The developers of are a group of individuals dedicated to making a difference in addressing the crisis of drug-induced sexual assaults.
Inventor and founder, David Wilson’s expertise lies in technology. David is a 14-year cancer survivor, who upon his diagnosis, shifted his career from technology where he had founded two specialized computer integration companies, to nuclear medicine, where he helped introduce new cancer imaging technology to Ontario and collaborated on the design of a next generation molecular imaging breast camera. 
Daniel Pirvuti is a Technical Solutions Architect, with a Masters in Computer Science and Automation, and over 20 years experience in designing, implementing, and supporting highly available systems. Daniel has written and been awarded design patents that implement GPS technology and has also designed wearable technologies with realtime personal monitoring capabilities.

Smart, kind, wise - and believers. A huge thank you to our amazing supporters for investing your time and skills to help turn into a reality. 
Q: How often can I use 
A: is consecutively re-useable. It is battery powered and will last the life of the battery.

Q: What kind of battery does take? 
A: uses a rechargeable Li-on battery. The battery should last about 30 to 40 uses, and can then be recharged. The LEDs on the will flash a pattern to let you know the battery is running low, or the UI on your smart phone can notify you.

Q: What kind of smart phones is compatible with? 
A: will be compatible with iPhone versions 4 and 5 (and the new 6 once we can test it). It will also run on newer Android phones and Blackberry 10.

Q: How do I clean 
A:  You can rinse your in water, but should also occasionally flush it out with antibacterial dish soap.

Q: Can identify new drugs?
A:  Yes, our team will constantly be updating our databases with new drugs.

Q: How do I order 
A:  Contribute to the campaign! Shipping is free within Canada and the U.S. Please add $15 outside of North America at checkout.

  You can Download our new app; I am A Backer and follow IamABacker on TwitterFacebook, or RSS to be notified of any updates.

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