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Flutter - Worlds First Portable Wind Turbine for USB Devices

There is nothing I like better than green energy projects and here is another portable wind turbine capable of charging your mobile devices almost anywhere it can catch a breeze. If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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Internationally patented technology that has changed the way we look at harnessing the Wind. Kohilo has the Key to Power Independence.

Our Vision and Outlook for the Future

Kohilo’s cutting edge technology has broken the mold in wind turbine design, providing a perfectly artistic, clean energy system that has the highest power density of all renewable energy systems. Kohilo turbines use the least amount of natural resources to extract the greatest amount of clean energy. We are a revolutionary green energy leader like no other, top in performance, quality, affordability, and customer service coupled with the uncanny desire to help make this world a better place to live and breathe. However, in order for these products to be affordable and successful, we need your support and donations so that we can begin to build a Kohilo production factory of our own. We are currently assembling our products out of a small workshop similar to a garage. We encourage people to take advantage of the independence provided by alternative energy systems and hope that the benefits will help spark a greater norm of sustainable living. We want to grow and in doing so achieve our goal of affordability for all.

Kohilo: “Gentle Breeze”

Interestingly, the name chosen for the company; kohilo, is a Hawaiian word meaning gentle breeze. We chose this for both the pleasant sound of the word, and the reference to our products ability to produce energy on nothing but a gentle breeze.

How Your Funding Will Be Used

Although Kohilo has been around for close to 6 years, the knowledge of its presence and the belief in the power of its products has not. Part of this is due to a lack of education on the benefits of wind energy and the lack of knowledge on improvements made in this sector of clean energy. This is why we need the help of crowd funding. Crowd funding provides a win win situation. It educates people on new age ideas and technologies which allow them to spread information and hype and increase our chances of improving the world. It also allows our company to make these things a reality with the ability to do so at an affordable price. First and foremost, we need your help to make the Flutter a affordable mass-produced product. By helping us reach our goal we will be able to obtain the needed tooling and facilities to manufacture the Flutter for our supporters. After a successful launch of the Flutter, we will be able to move closer towards our goal of refurbishing an abandoned factory that will one day produce more energy than it uses and employ dozens of formerly laid off workers. Your donations will also help lower costs of turbines as public affordability and residential application is one of our primary goals here at Kohilo. 

The Kohilo Differences and Benefits....Paradigm Shift !!

Thanks to the improved design of Kohilo turbines and the vertical axis of the bearings, Kohilo turbines offer far more than any previous sustainable energy system. When we say Kohilo offers the greatest power density of any energy system, we mean it and are proud of it! By designing a turbine that has the ability to harness greater volumes of wind, it allows energy to be produced even though the velocity of the fluid dynamics might not be high. In other words, this means our turbines will begin spinning at 1 to 3 mph, and energy can be produced at wind speeds as little as 5 mph by catching more wind and condensing it rather than relying on faster moving wind. These numbers are much smaller than any current wind mills, whose blade movements begin at around 9 mph, and produce energy at around 12. This is why they must be elevated (higher average wind speed), and require large blades to increase surface area in order to catch wind. With that kind of design it is no wonder why they traditionally have only been used for commercial purposes. The vertical axis on which our blades spin also allows Kohilo's to utilize turbulent wind, or wind consistently coming from many directions rather than just one. Even more, our turbines float on magnetic bearings creating unprecedented low harmonic vibrations which means almost zero noise pollution providing even greater potential value for residential areas or public areas that are used by many.

By improving the design of our turbine and including the diffusers/power fins, we have unlocked the key to developing the first fully functional vertical axis turbine. By doing this, we are able to harness wind that may be soft and quickly changing directions, or strong prevailing winds typically needed for wind mills. Because of this, Kohilo's will produce energy all day every day that you can store. Unlike solar energy that only captures energy for 4-6 hours a day or geothermal systems where heated water is wasted without immediate use, efficient wind-energy is the most consistent, efficient, and reliable clean energy system available. Even more, our turbines can be tailored to specific wind speeds of your area allowing you to get the most out of the most common wind speeds you experience. This ultimately results in a faster return on investment and and more time to save on expensive energy bills. 

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Kohilo turbines are made of lightweight aircraft aluminum and are powder coated for durability. This means they are lightweight and durable. All materials are also 100 percent recyclable  and can be returned to us to be recycled or reused. Even more, if production can become steady, substantial infrastructure capital can be retained. A variety of colors can be used on Kohilo products to match house or barn colors or even as a decorative piece, thus eliminating the problem of wind turbines as eye sores. We like to think of Kohilos as a kind of functional art piece that provide their owner with 24/7 sustainable energy
What is even more interesting, is the far reaching applications the Kohilo team has striven for with the development of this new age turbine. Because this patented technology depends on properties of fluid dynamics, it also has hydro capabilities as well. This means that whether it is air or water, the fluid movement of the substance (whatever it is) will allow this product to produce energy. Placing a Kohilo in fast moving current in almost any application produces an exponential power curve. In fact, the stream behind our ideal factory will receive Kohilos that will help power the building and make it net positive in terms of energy. This means Kohilos can be installed in nearby running water! They can also be sent abroad to third world countries and communities located near rivers and streams that will supply them with constant clean energy for the rest of their lives. We have even developed a mobile emergency unit that can be transported and used for disaster relief in many places across the countryor planet for that matter!

Acts of Kindness
The program is broken up into three parts.
  1. Kohilo will donate one flutter to a charitable organization for every ten individual flutters that are sold.
  2. Kohilo will donate one flutter to a charitable organization of your choice when 10 flutters are purchased at the same time.
  3. Kohilo will donate three flutters to a charitable organization of choice when 20 flutters are purchased at the same time.
We designed this program not only as vehicle for Kohilo to give back, but for people, companies or foundations to get involved with empowering other people throughout the world to experience power independence.
To thank you for helping make our dream a reality, we're offering some great rewards we hope you will enjoy. We find that our supporters love to help spread the word about Kohilo Wind Turbines.  Some of our rewards were chosen with this in mind: bumper stickers, coffee mugs, and T-shirts that will entice others to ask you, "what on earth is Kohilo?" Other rewards include a Flutter (of course !), several limited edition Flutters, Kohilo Vortex XL and/or a signed Power Fin.
     The Flutter -

  • Set of 3 Bumper Stickers (#1) - For your pledge, we'll send you a set of 3 bumper stickers with different sayings: Kohilo Nation, Life Powered by Kohilo and Blow Me.

  • Set of 3 Bumper Stickers (#2) - For your pledge, we'll send you a set of 3 bumper stickers with our logo and different sayings: Go Green with Kohilo Wind, What the Flutter? and Kohilo HVAWT Blue Logo.

  • Kohilo Logo T-Shirt - For your pledge, we'll send you a t-shirt with the Kohilo logo.

  • Kohilo Wind (logo) Hat - For your pledge, we'll send you our Kohilo Wind (logo) hat. (specify white or black).

  • 11oz Coffee Mug - For your pledge, we'll send you a large coffee mug with the Kohilo logo.

  • Canvas Tote/Shopping Bag - For your pledge, we'll send you our Kohilo (logo) reusable canvas/shopping bag.

  • Polo Shirt with Logo - For your pledge, we'll send you a polo/golf shirt with our logo (please specify color: WHITE, BLUE, BLACK (S,M,L,XL)

  • Autographed "Power Fin" - Derek will personally autograph a actual "Power Fin". This will be limited to only 100 rewards.

  • Kohilo Vortex XL Wind Turbine - For your pledge, you'll receive a fully functional Kohilo Vortex XL wind turbine. The Vortex XL is another one of Derek's creations.  This version of the Vortex XL is for DC direct connect.  Includes 25 foot power power cord for easy installation.  Can be used for your RV, Golf cart, Boat etc.  You can choose one of five turbine colors (White, Blue, Green, Titanium or Black).

    What's next?
    Kohilo is currently manufacturing and shipping Kohilo Wind Turbines today.For the Flutter, we’ll be using a pool of experts in the field to make sure the Flutter performs as expected and will be a valuable product for years to come.
    We want you to have your Flutter as soon as possible. Here’s our plan to achieve that:
    • August/September: Make lots of new Kickstarter friends, execute manufacturing agreements/standards
    • September/October: Finalize the engineering and prototype iterations and place the tooling orders
    • October/November:  Tooling build-out and procurement of raw materials and components
    • November/December: Part qualification and pre-production builds, pilot production, quality assurance and product validation
    • December/January: Begin manufacturing the injection molded and blow-molded parts
    • January/February: Finalize the assembly and shipment process and begin fulfillment

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  1. There is nothing I like better than green energy projects and here is another portable wind turbine capable of charging your mobile devices almost anywhere it can catch a breeze. If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

  2. I like your design and nothing I like better than green energy projects. You are doing a great work!

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