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Eve - Smart Home, Meet Your Smart Yard

Everything today is about the smarthome, automation and monitoring almost everything that goes on in your home. With Eve the Smart home can now truly be a Smart home complete unit, expand your control to your yard and monitor moisture in the ground/control the sprinkler system. Eve is compatible with many home automation systems on the market now and they list will keep growing.
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 The next evolution in home irrigation. Eve and Adam are intelligently designed to save you time, water, and money.
You might have a smart home, but odds are, your sprinkler control is outdated. Seriously outdated. Eve and Adam make your yard smart, revolutionizing how you think about home irrigation.

Forget Scheduling - Save Time, Water, and Money

The Eve Ecosystem monitors soil moisture throughout your yard, then takes control to optimize watering . Eve is an irrigation controller with intelligence - and is a drop-in replacement for your existing 'dumb' controller.  Put a few Adam wireless moisture sensors around the yard, boot up your smart phone, and forget about your sprinklers. Eve decides when to water, and for how long, within a time window that you set. A healthy lawn and garden has never been so simple.

Moisture data for ultimate control

No more guessing based off the Farmer's Almanac - your soil tells the story. Adam constantly monitors your moisture levels so that Eve knows exactly how much to water. Soil conditions vary drastically depending on humidity, shade, rainfall or watering, soil type, and more. Even just a few degrees in temperature will change how much you need to water.
Weather Forecast
There's one thing that Adam can't tell you - the future (ok, there's a 50% chance that meteorologists can't either). Eve connects to your compatible home automation hub to download the weather forecast and optimize watering. If rain is forecasted, Eve might skip watering. For high temperatures, Eve may water a little extra - all depending on current conditions in your yard.

Save Water, Save Money
Eve can reduce water usage by 60% over traditional timer based systems.  With smart irrigation rebates offered by many cities and Eve can pay for itself in as little as one summer.

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Other International Backers: Please support us at the Friends or Drink Up level; we cannot commit to a shipment date outside of USA and Canada at this time.
NOTE: SmartThings Hub or other compatible hub is required for Eve and Adam. SmartThings Hubs purchased as part of a Kickstarter pledge will ship in October.You can order also order through the SmartThings Shop for a 10% discount and immediate shipment.

Designed to integrate with your smart home

Home automation hubs unite the smart devices in your home (doors, locks, lightbulbs, and now sprinkler systems) to make your home smart - and revolutionize the way we live. With your home automation hub, Eve connects to the Internet and your smartphone via a proven and supported cloud infrastructure.

We have developed SmartApps for SmartThings so that you can manage watering on your iOS or android.  And since SmartThings is an open platform, you can also buildcustom applications to make Eve interact with any connected device in your home, so you can tailor Eve to your custom needs.
We have recently announced STACK box (STACK now on Kickstarter!) and Almond+ compatibility, and Eve will connect to these devices via the Zigbee protocol. We're getting started with their respective SDKs and will try our best to implement all of Eve's features with these hubs.

 How many Adam moisture sensors do I need?
Every corner of your yard has different needs. Use an Adam on each zone and Eve will customize the schedule for each one independently. Or, group multiple zones to an Adam to share the heavy lifting.  If you don't have an Adam assigned to a zone, Eve will use landscape type and weather to optimize the settings for that zone.

 Easy Installation

 The technology inside

The inspiration behind Eve & Adam
Nathan Cauffman, Plaid Systems Founder
I spend a lot of time exploring, be it hiking, cycling or climbing big walls in Yosemite. There's always a recurring theme - did I bring enough water? This question was amplified as I explored Mexico, Guatemala and Tanzania, where clean water is rare. Back home in California, we are in another drought year, and water conservation is increasingly important. And so, we set out to create a product that made it easy for everyone to help conserve water.  
Where we are in development
We began prototyping nearly a year ago, and now have a working and manufacturable design. We have been testing using 3rd generation working prototypes of both Eve and Adam. These has been controlling our home irrigation for 5 months, as well as 2 other locations.  Our current focus is: 
  • Chip migration to the CEL Zigbee module
  • Transfer and finalize the injection mold design (from our 3D-printed prototypes)

We need your help to finance the injection molds and initial production run.

 Project Timeline

  You can Download our new app; I am A Backer and follow IamABacker on TwitterFacebook, or RSS to be notified of any updates.

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