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actioncam360 - 360° HD video from a single unmodified GoPro

Actioncam360 is a GoPro mount and software/app combo that can enable your gopro to record and take 360 degree pictures. Take a look below If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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Capture 360° HD panoramic video and immerse your viewers in the experience, just drop in your unmodified GoPro.Hero 3/ 3+ or Hero 4

How many people have missed videoing their friend doing something amazing or wiping out in spectacular style because they’re behind or next to them on the slopes or race track? This action is never be missed if you're recording in full 360°.

By recording in full 360° and using our software your viewers are immersed in your action and can take control during playback, turning the view to see whichever direction they want, replaying videos again and again to see different things happening all around.

The actioncam360 is very special housing for your GoPro camera that will enable you to capture 360 degree video with a single camera [Thanks to our patent pending design this is done without voiding your cameras' warranty by having to modify it]. Once you have filmed the action then our software will process it and make it fully interactive allowing local viewing on your own Computer or sharing them with friends online through our 360 hosting platform.
Initially we focused on launching the actioncam360 GPH2-65 a housing suitable for the GoPro HERO 2. This is now in production.
Having completed that we are now focused on producing a unit to house the GoPro HERO 3/3+ Black, in order to make the best use of their 4k sensors

Capture the video

Using the actioncam360 housing
Using the actioncam360 housing

Playing it back in 360
(screen capture from computer)
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For a fully interactive experience it is possible to pair the 360 video output with Oculus Rift headsets, our hosting option will have this feature enabled as standard giving the user full tracking within the 360 environment but by their head movement .We are also looking at other great vr headsets such as  "Dive"
We are also working with Leap technology in order to give a fully gesture controlled 360 experience ideal for presentation or teaching uses.

The  Professionals:

Amanda Walden- Director- Blanket Theater Company:
"To be able to capture not only the action on stage but also the audiences reaction using one single lens is invaluable. The Actioncam360 can be placed discreetly, we review the footage and are able to evaluate audience reactions, as well as using different angles for marketing purposes."

 Nancy Easterbrook of Divetech, Grand Cayman:
"it's amazing to see continual technology advancements to be able to capture the beauty of the underwater world. The new pano-pro/actioncam 360 is very cool, offering a 360 degree photo that puts you in the middle of the photo and being able to see all around you, which gives people a sense of how incredible the ocean environment is"
The press :

   Andy Blackmore- Metro:
"The actioncam360, stands head and shoulders over the competition, but given we are at a technological jumping point – the 360 revolution – it could very well do for mobile imaging, what the Leica did for photojournalism – but not only is that a real achievement but that makes it an exciting and significant invention too…"

 "You don’t need us to tell you how awesome GoPro cameras are. You can always get more out of them with the right accessories and add-ons. The actioncam360 happens to be an interesting device that lets you capture action from all angles using your GoPro. Just drop it in, and you are ready to record your activities outdoors"

  Cosmin Anton- softpedia 
"Gives you the freedom to capture 360° video with a single camera"

We are a small UK company with a passion for all things 360,
For many years we have been manufacturing 360 imaging capture devices using mirror technology (the Pano Pro MKII), and it is this that means we can complete this project on time and deliver the best product possible.
Why are we here?
With your pledges we will be able to pay for outstanding tooling for the GoPro Hero 3/3+ Black and prepare for the Hero 4 along with  setting up manufacturing facilities in the UK and take on additional staff for manufacture and support so we can give you the best experience.
Our Development Story
The development of actioncam360 has gone through many stages.

  • We incorporate additional focusing aids in the system. The camera could then be used with or without the actioncam360 case.

The production of a 360 unit for the Go Pro Hero3/3+ black editions is our immediate goal followed by
We have worked hard and focused on product development for the Hero 2 unit.
This means that we have all the needed manufacture processes and suppliers in place for the production of the Hero 3 unit
Also we'd really like to hear from you about where you feel our strongest development efforts should be, we have a number of issues we're currently working on (let us know if we missed something!).

 We are now at the stage where we are happy that this new product will bring excitement in sharing experiences and also help to improve techniques in extreme sports.
To be able to study in detail how you have performed on a race track or rally course after the event is over will be a great learning tool. This would apply to many sports and also allow you to share your excitement with friends and acquaintances. It of course does not just apply to sport but can capture the very many important times in your life. Your wedding, Music festivals, Birthday parties, School sports days or in fact almost anything you can imagine.

 STRETCH GOAL #1 - £35,000
We will test and modify housings if necessary to allow underwater videoing to a depth of 30 meters. If there are changes needed new housings will be supplied to those who have pledged for an actioncam360 and return their housing to us.
 STRETCH GOAL #2 - £ 60,000
Improvements to all software including Hosting to take into account comments and suggestions from all our Backers, What would you like to see available to you?. 
 STRETCH GOAL #3 - £75,000
We will development a live view app to work with the wifi output from the Go Pro, this means you will be able to see all the action as it happens. 
Please join us on this journey by becoming part of the development.

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