Thursday, September 11, 2014

TINTAG, The First Rechargeable Item Tracker

TinTag item tracker is one of the most useful item trackers on the market now. One of my favorite features of TinTag is its rechargeable, no need to reorder a new tag when the battery dies or fumble around with batteries and have issues re-connecting the tag to your mobile device. If you decide to back them, please leave a comment on their campaigns comment page that you found their project through , Thank you.

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Tired of losing your stuff? Get Tintag.

Agonizing isn't it? Ever had your wife and one year old kid in the car getting anxious while waiting for you? I know I've been there. 
If you've been there as well, you're gonna love Tintag: a rechargeable item-tracking device that helps you find your lost items. 

Attach Tintag to anything

Forget about having to replace batteries or buy new trackers every time the battery runs out.

Each charging with the Home Base companion makes Tintag ready for 4 months of use. There's no need to replace its batteries or buy new devices when batteries run out.

One device can be connected to multiple phones 

One Tintag can be connected to multiple phones. So, for instance, both you and your spouse can simultaneously locate your kid or dog.

Use Tintag to find your phone

The communication between Tintag and your phone goes both ways. So if you can't find your phone, Tintag can, at the press of a button. 

What makes Tintag unique?

Tintag's basic features

Tell your friends about Tintag and enjoy the spoils

How does it work? Simply log in to Indiegogo. Then visit the Tintag Indiegogo Page and look below the main video to share and copy your URL.
Copy your unique URL link and share it with your friends. When anyone clicks on your special link a "Referrer" is credited to you. If that person becomes a backer, we credit you according to the table below.

How it works?

Here's a nice video on how the device and app work.

How it's made?

Sneak peak into Tintags' actual production process:

Perks for backers

Be the early tester!

Get the Beta Tester perk and you get to be among the first to put the ultimate tracking device to test: no need to wait until next year, you can get it as soon as November 2014. Your feedback will be of great value to us.

Follow us live!

Get any perk that has live streaming and you can subscribe to Tintag headquarter's live feed and get to feel like you’re part of our team. See our work in progress, the team in action and the wonderful creative and tech processes. You will receive a link with the live feed on your email at the end of the campaign.

Choose your favorite color!

Once perfected the technicalities, we also worked on making Tintag attractive. It is already available in 5 lively colors, and soon, you’ll get some more to choose from.

What happens after the campaign?

Help make it happen
for TINTAG, The First Rechargeable Item Tracker and the team!

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