Thursday, February 12, 2015

SEER: The First AR Helmet that Makes You A Real Iron Man

Have you ever dreamed of being Iron Man? To see what he sees, to feel what he feels, and to experience some of the coolest next generation augmented reality technologies.
We have seen hundreds of different devices that are designed for augmented reality (AR), Google Glass, Epson Moverio BT-100, Vuzix M100, Meta One, Atheer One and many others. But sadly enough, we have yet seen products that give us the Iron Man experience.

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However, believe it or not, being Iron Man isn't far anymore. Let me introduce you Seer, an AR Developer Kit that provides a truly immersive augmented reality experience, just like Iron Man.
When the field of view (FOV) is large enough, people would barely notice the edge of it and the display becomes frameless. Imagine there being some indistinguishable images placed seamlessly into the real world. It feels like you were immersed into a world that combines real and virtual worlds. This is what we call "Immersive Augmented Reality Experience".
SEER has the world's largest FOV. However, SEER isn't simply about a large number or being the world's greatest FOV. It actually redefines augmented reality, bringing everyone an entirely new experience, like you've never had before.
As other augmented reality devices could only provide you an FOV up to 65° , SEER is capable to give you a horizontal 100° FOV. This is incredibly large and it provides a unique, unbeatable and truly immersive augmented reality experience. Just imagine there being 200+" screen from eight feet away (whereas 25" with Google Glass). How AWESOME it is!
SEER uses a reflective mirror method to display images and it is similar to the pilot helmets. However, SEER integrates a very different optics technology and succeeds in using one single lens to display instead of two in pilot helmets. 
The underlying optics technology being, SEER is built upon a free form surface optical lens with an off-axial mirror projecting system. In another word, SEER’s optical lens itself integrates a very unique algorithm, which is capable of magnifying the smartphone screen in a significant size and at the same time automatically compensate the image distortion by algorithm computation. In comparison to a more complicated optics system in pilot helmets, we manage to eliminate the middle lenses and make SEER much more simple but also effective. Along with our special multi-layer vacuum coating techniques, which results in the perfectly reflective and see through experience, SEER is possible to achieve a 100 degrees field of view and make you feel like a real Iron Man. 
Unlike all the regular standard optical lens out in the market, SEER’s free form surface optical lens is one of its kind in the world and will require a large amount of money to make a precision optics mold, that will significantly elevate the current viewing experience and take SEER to an even better level.
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We have carefully designed SEER in structure so that it will not press your face and you will not need to take off your glass. Besides, SEER's lens is adjustable so that you can move the lens forward or backward and tilt the lens to the position that best suit your eyes. We understand that eyes in individuals are distinct and the trick and awesomeness about SEER is that it can cope with any eyes and present the best immersive Iron Man AR experience to anyone who is excited to try. 
Additionally, we have designed SEER to become a VR-like helmet when needed too (it's 2D immersive instead of being 3D). With/out a light blocking cover, SEER can easily switch to either AR or VR-like mode (The light blocking cover is included in the package).
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(Yes, we met Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus Rift, at CES. He tried SEER and he liked it.)
All contents are filmed using a real SEER prototype. Please note that it is difficult to take good videos when we could only film with our mobile phone and handcrafted lens (the seeing experience would have been even better if the lens is made out of an optic mold).
These videos are meant to demo some general ideas of SEER's incredible FOV and its immersive AR experience. However, THEY DO NOT reflect the actual resolution you will see with a real SEER. In fact, the resolution is extraordinary and it will certainly surprise you. Support us now so that you can try it for yourself!

Apps by Caputer Labs

We have been working to create some more exciting Apps for you to try for our unique experience. 
Currently, We are developing several apps and they are:
-an Iron Man double layer demo app, 
-a ghost hunting game app, 
-a "fruit ninja" game app, 
-a dancing 3D model(as you can see in the video above). 
-a video players app that has the mirror invert function and allows you to watch movies with SEER.
-a desktop sharing app that has the mirror invert function and allows you to sync your PC to smartphones.
Development of these Apps will continue throughout and after Kickstarter and we will also come up with some more exciting Apps by the time we ship SEER. Below the video are some demos of our existing games and they all function well.
's video poster
(this video DOES NOT reflect the actual resolution you'll see with SEER)
Augmented Reality Starmap:
In addition to our self developed Apps, there are many AR apps that can run well on Seer. The StarMap, which you could find in Google Play, works well. SEER brings an unexpected experience to you which will totally blow your mind. Try to explore the galaxy with SEER and get ready to be immersed into the mysterious universe.
Augmented Reality Navigation:
Don't just use Google map in the old fashion. Try to navigate your car with SEER. SEER takes your navigation experience into a new level and you will be surprised that you can enjoy so much driving. Any navigation App with HUD settings will work well with SEER.
Other possibilities of AR:
In addition to Starmap & Navigation, there are already many AR software that were originally created for iOS and Android smartphones and you may tinker these apps with SEER. SEER's great FOV will elevate your feelings and make the software even more fun and exciting. A slight UI change may be required and we will continuously talk to software developers.
Coding for SEER:
Apart from these apps, you may code for yourself too! There are already many open source AR apk available on the internet and you can develop your own AR Apps in different areas such as in Games, Medical, Aviation, Engineer, Education, Logistics, Architecture, Sports, Entertainment and anything you want! 
Coding for SEER is exactly the same as coding for your smartphone but with a slightly different UI design. 
If you have come up with some awesome Apps that work with SEER, let us know so we can feature you on our website, as well as in our App display. Your App will become 


We made a display set and it is an add-on to our current SEER package. Instead of putting a smartphone, you may insert the display set into SEER and connect it to your XBOX, PlayStation or PC using wire or wireless methods. The display set consists of a FHD screen (IPS,1920*1080) and a HDMI to MIPI module and it is modified to adapt to SEER. Therefore, the image shown in SEER will be normal and NOT mirrored. Once the display set is connected to game consoles using a wire cord or wifi, you will be able to use SEER to play games directly from your game console and enjoy this very unique experience SEER brings. Just imagine there being a huge personal screen and you play games with it. How incredible it is for a gamer like you. Plus, it is also great to watch movies too.
(Note: The display set is NOT included in any of our current pledges and we may add this to a new pledge if you guys are interested. Please pick a pledge now and become one of our backers to receive our updates. We will post an update soon )
+++VALUE ADDED+++  Movies
Apart from augmented reality, SEER can also become a VR-like helmet when you want it to be (with a light-shield cover). Imagine watching your favorite videos in a 200+” screen setting. SEER turns your home into a big movie theater and gives you an incredible private IMAX experience. 
And you don't need to worry about being blindsighted and not knowing what happens around you. Unlike VR devices, SEER's design enables you to sense and interact with the real world.
You can download any existing content and play with your smartphones, using vid player app developed by Caputer Labs. 
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+++VALUE ADDED+++  Games:
Similar to movies, SEER's wide angle and big screen features can provide you with a very special gaming experience, which was not possible with phones alone (FPS games will be awesome and we would highly recommend it). 
You can use some external input devices such as leapmotion, game controller or joystick to play big games that were not cool enough to play on smartphones,.
Accompanied with SEER's big FOV and immersive feeling, your smartphone is no longer limited to its screen size and you will be able to play big games in your smartphone and enjoy the special fun of it. Some images may need to be inverted but it won't affect your playing experience much as a whole. And you can still try and tinker.
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+++VALUE ADDED+++  Developer Kit for other glasses:
SEER helps developers in AR App development for various glasses and improves development efficiency by reducing process.
UI design is extremely crucial in AR Apps development, as most AR Apps would require very specific and well designed UI to support its AR feeling. And from our own experience, UI design changes and it may very often vary from different FOV. So the UI design in Google Glass won’t be as good as it would be to Vuzix or Meta. Therefore, UI design for each glass needs to be designed individually. This will not only cost a lot of money for AR developers (as you will have to purchase various glasses at a significant cost) but also take a lot of time and process. 
SEER can help lower the cost, improve the efficiency and make it better. Since SEER has the greatest FOV, other glass UI design development can be made possible using SEER. Developers can change many UI designs for a preview in SEER, as the smartphone can be synced to the computers to see a simultaneous preview for a new UI design. Furthermore, developers can use SEER to simulate UI designs for various glasses with different FOV too. This will not only lower the cost but also increase efficiency for many early AR developers.
SEER Hardware Compatibility:
We have carefully designed our product so that it can fit all types of smartphones. Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, LG, Huawei, HTC, Sony, OnePlus and Xiaomi all work with SEER. However, please keep in mind that Seer is only compatible with phones up to 6”.
SEER Self-developed Hands-free Software Compatibility:
SEER's self developed software, which would allow a hands-free experience, is currently based on Android OS and it is compatible with Android devices running OS 2.3 and up. Works great with Android 4.0 but it may need to root your Android phone. We are under development of our iOS based SEER App at this time.
Caputer is a team with software engineers, embedded software developers, hardware engineers and designers. Our team is made up with young professionals who graduated from top schools and experienced engineers who have been working in the fields for over a decade.
The team is founded on a simple belief that augmented reality technology will become one of the most powerful and life changing technologies and it will eventually make human life much more fun and efficient in many ways. We all love augmented reality and we want to be part of it. 
If you love AR as much as we do, support us now and join our team today. Let's make immersive augmented reality possible.


The reason why we are doing the kickstarter is that we want to get this developer kit out as soon as possible so that you can join us now and become the first person to experience this awesome technology
We have always believed that Kickstarter is a great platform to crowd fund everyone's dream. Seer and our team need your help to succeed and bring this unique Iron Man experience to everyone who has been longing for. 
Having the world's coolest AR helmet is hard, but taking it to the next level is even harder. Only with your help, we could carry on this project and take Seer to a broader consumer level. So please help us spread the word, share this project to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and gather more people to join us. We'd appreciate it and thank you for your support!

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  1. Woah!I definitely need to get one of these,they are just too amazing.becoming a real iron man sounds like a dream come true.