Friday, May 9, 2014

WindPax Portable Wind Turbines

      Here is another great example of a renewable energy project "WindPax". Yet another portable wind turbine, this project will produce two sizes the WISP(14"Blade H-3"D closed and 24"Blade H-12"D opened 6' tall) and the BREEZE(22"H- 5"D closed and 48"Blade H-24"D opened 10' tall). These are a bit bigger then the Trinity another project on currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

One of my favorite things about the WindPax is that you can use any battery pack that can be charged with a usb cable, so if you need something with a bit more juice just plug it in. The battery pack that is included with the Wisp is 3,000mah(5v at 2.1a(and a built in led flashlight)) and with the Breeze 15,000mah (12v). As long as its easy to setup and close it back up, this will be a "Great Success". They incorporated many safety features into the design that should prolong the life of the turbine, such as the fact that the blades/"fins" are made from a flexible plastic and the auto collapsible blades in high wind. As long as its easy to setup and close, this will be a "Great Success". Check it out below:

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Collapsible, portable, light-weight wind turbines that go where you go. Great for hiking, camping and more!

The WindPax wind turbine is Collapsible, Durable, Portable, Light-Weight, Adaptable, Affordable. The six criteria that we felt must be met to create game-changing eco-friendly power sources. WindPax meets all of these with features that will provide you with a long-lasting tool for power and light in a multitude of situations and destinations.

We LOVE the outdoors, camping, hiking, climbing, everything, but we also love our technology. For most people, staying connected with family and friends is important on outdoor adventures for day to day events and emergencies. However, we weren't always near a car charger or other power source. We stopped and looked and not much existed that was ideal for our use, so we set out to create an on-the-go power source for campers. What we ended up creating was a power station that could be used universally by anyone all over the world.

The vertical turbine, that we created, is a small scale wind turbine designed specifically for these applications. Our wind turbine “cups” the air using three collapsible fins to spin the turbine and create power using an internal generator.

There is a removable internal battery stick with USB & Mini-USB hookups that easily attaches by sliding it into the turbine shaft.Your devices can be charged straight from the turbine, or you can charge the internal battery and power your devices on the go.

Our wind turbines easily telescope out, can be set up in under 2 minutes, and can generate power on the smallest of breezes 24 hours a day.For safety, our fins are made of flexible plastic that won’t injure someone not looking as they walk by.Also, the fins have a break-away feature that allows them to transition to a flat surface in the event that you encounter dangerously high winds (This keeps your wind turbine from “flying” away).

All of our WindPax Turbines are fully collapsible and our Wisp model will fit neatly in your hiking pack.

The battery has an LED integrated into it and can act as a flashlight when unplugged or you can use the entire WindPax Turbine as a camp lantern by flipping on the LED and keeping the battery stick installed.

This is the most compact WindPax turbine, designed to fit neatly in a pack to take with you on the go.Weighs less than 4 pounds.
Collapsed – Length 14”, Diameter of 3”
Assembled –Turbine Length 24", Diameter of 12", Total Height 6 ft.
Power Generation & Storage Capacity

Generates 25 Watts - Enough to power 6 cell phones simultaneously at average wind speeds
Battery Stick – After fully charged, could charge 3 iPhones

This model is great for long stays at a remote cabin or campground.Weighs under 9 pounds and includes a 12V adapter port as well as the USB connectors.

Collapsed – Length 22”, Diameter of 5”
Assembled –Turbine Length 48", Diameter of 24", Total Height 10 ft.
Power Generation & Storage Capacity

Generates 100 Watts - Enough to power 1 Mac Book Pro & 1 iPhone at average wind speeds
Battery Stick – After fully charged, could charge 3 iPads

A great addition to the WindPax system.A dual swivel-head, clamp-on LED system with a 3 foot USB cord. A great way to light up the night!

Sticker - Bumper Sticker with the WindPax logo
T-Shirt - White Cotton Tee with WindPax Logo
Battery Sticks - Specific to the different WindPax models
Both WindPax models have an option of Hunter Green or Sky Blue.

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