Tuesday, April 14, 2015

InfiniteUSB - one usb port, unlimited devices

Having your mobile phones or tablets stay connected to your laptop. It’s time to bring elegance back to your desk.
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About this project

InfiniteUSB-C is available now! It is the best buddy for your new MacBook 12" or Chromebook Pixel, which would solve the USB port limitation problem. The InfiniteUSB-C will be in accordance with the elegant iF-awarded design of InfiniteUSB. 
InfiniteUSB-C with the new MacBook 12"

InfiniteUSB-C with the new Chromebook Pixel

InfiniteUSB is an open chain of USB ports, granting an unlimited supply of open slots!Whenever a new InfiniteUSB is plugged in, a new USB port will be created. Instead of forcing you to constantly hot swap devices into that one port, InfiniteUSB keeps all your cables connected, with only one port from your laptop.

 No longer worried about limited USB ports!

Plug my iPad, plug my iPhone, any more? still one port!

InfiniteUSB is compatible with iOS, Android and any other devices with USB ports.

No more wild wires or tangled cables.

20cm Magnetic cable or 120cm long cable on your choice.

Built-in magnet makes it easy to store, like magic.

Long cable? Easy to bundle together in seconds.

Put it into your pocket and take it wherever you go.

 Plug all your devices! 

Great products are born to make life easier. For a long time, our mission is to create such products.  
Here are the 3 steps to accomplishing this mission.
Step 1: “When you fell in love with something, you can’t get it off your mind.”
One day, on a bus to the airport, I as usual, ponder over new ideas to improve people’s life. The work scenes earlier that day kept flashing back. There were moments that I was pretty frustrated by my computer. I wanted to charge my cell and iPad at the same time, preparing for the trip. But I was not able to do so due to the limited number of the USB ports. Only one port was available…Damn! Why not make the most out of this one port?” An idea suddenly crossed over my mind. If I could offer another port while using this only one port, then technically I could have infinite USB ports for my tasks. Bingo! I was so excited about the idea and couldn’t wait to sketch it out. Therefore the first drawing of InfiniteUSB was born during the flight. After landing, I rushed home and transformed the initial drawing into a rendering on computer.
Things become pretty amazing after InfiniteUSB won an iF Award. Thousands of people emailed me to express their affection for this product. They told me how they love this idea and how much they want the product. I was deeply touched and greatly encouraged. Since that moment, I decide to bring this product into people’s life. I am determined to make it happen!

Step 2: "Best product is 50% of design and 50% of crafting"
I spent tons of time to find the best USB cable manufacturer in the world to make it happen. Finally I found Vojotech. When I got their product in hand, I was amazed. Their USB cables are stylish, sophisticated and slick, which recall the feeling of Apple's products. We quickly hit it off and decide to produce InfiniteUSB together. They have the best manufacturing team, which perfectly cater to my relentless pursuit of quality. With their accomplished production team, we are confident that a wonderful product will be created.

Step 3: Your support will make it happen.
Now we are proud to announce that this mission has been just about to be accomplished. Your support will make the "launch button" get pushed! And You will be the real contributors to help us embrace the ultimate “mission accomplished”moment!
Thank you for helping us in this long journey. If we can bring you convenience and happiness along the way, that will make us even happier.

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