Friday, March 13, 2015

LithiumCard PRO - HyperCharging Evolved

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They are at it again, their first LithiumCard was amazing and I use mine everyday! I can't wait to see the new Pro and have a larger battery out of each card!

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The Evolution of the HyperCharger by LinearFlux. Even More Power & Capacity! Same credit card size.


LinearFlux's product philosophy is that form follows function. But most importantly, we place a high emphasis on the SPEED of charge. Our Engineers were faced with a design principle that was coined the 1-2-3 challenge. At the time it seemed impossible. After countless hours of intensive development we succeeded.

Our Unparalleled R&D Efforts Resulted In:

1  Full charge on an iPhone 6
2 Times the thickness of the original LithiumCard but 3 times the capacity
Amps of class-leading power. It's equivalent to the combined speed of 3 Apple iPhone wall chargers. It means less time waiting, up to a third of the wait for a full charge!


Presenting the evolution of the HyperCharger. The LithiumCard Pro. It still has all the cables you need, but now with 3 Amps of Power. 3000mAh of capacity. Plus sharing and sync capabilities. 

See how it works below:



Our latest HyperFET Gen2 technology has pushed the envelope of what's possible today. Nothing in its class, or size, can deliver up to 3 Amps of power. The PRO has been future proofed to meet the ever increasing power demand of smartphones today and tomorrow.
For example, the Apple iPhone 6 PLUS can actually demand over double the power (2 Amps) than the 1 Amp charger it comes with. The LithiumCard PRO can deliver up to 3 Amps of total power. As future generations of smartphones require more power, the PRO is more than ready to handle higher power demands with ease. 

Check out the demo video below:

HyperFET Gen2 circuitry is capable of charging your smartphone over 1% per minute compared to the original LithiumCard. For example, if the LithiumCard PRO is left to charge your smartphone for 15 minutes, expect up to 15% of more in additional battery capacity.
Advanced HyperCharging battery management algorithm extends the battery capacity beyond its 3000mAh rating. Meaning, you get more capacity than typical 3000mAh battery chargers.


The LithiumCard PRO has all the cables you'll ever need. Use the full size USB to charge the internal battery. Pull-out the microUSB, or Apple Lightning (sold separately), to charge your Apple iOS, or Android devices. As with the original LithiumCard, the cables for the PRO can be hidden away when not in use.


LithiumCard PRO is available in either Apple Lightning, or microUSB, connectors. The microUSB connector works with many Android smartphones available today. The Apple Lightning connector works with all Apple iOS devices requiring a Lightning connector to charge. 
*Apple Lightning and microUSB versions are sold separately


The PRO's exclusive HyperPort feature enables you to charge another USB equipped device. Just plug your own USB charging cable (not included) into the PRO's additional USB port to share HyperCharging with your friends.

Backing up your smartphone's data to your computer has never been easier. There's no need to carry another separate cable for syncing data to your computer ever again. The PRO does it all.


If both your phone and the LithiumCard are out of charge, we have a unique bypass charging system, which allows you to simultaneously charge a smartphone and the LithiumCard's internal battery.


LithiumCard charges most popular smartphones and electronic devices available today, such as Beats Wireless headphones or Jawbone Jambox. It has an Apple Lightning connector for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PLUS, or a microUSB connector, for your Android phone.


Without using adhesives, NanoStik, utlizing nanosuction technology keeps the LithiumCard virtually stuck to your device. Over time, the NanoStik may get dirty, simply rinse with warm water to keep it at its maximum "stickyness".


Pressing the power button also indicates LithiumCard's power level. The precision nano-refractive lens display will say it all.
White: Over 90% charged
Blue: Over 10% charged
Red: Less than 10% charged.





We are nearly complete with the development of the LithiumCard PRO. We are all very excited to be about 5 weeks away from going into full production. With your support we can make sure that production, compliance certifications, packaging schedules and production order quantities are all aligned. The LinearFlux team would like to thank all of our contributors and supporters for making the LithiumCard PRO happen. Be part of the Evolution of the HyperCharger today! 

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  1. These lithium cards are just as amazing as your reviews here! Everything is upgrading so fast, it's a bit hard to keep up with the new trends!